Our Mission:

We believe that pets are family and that elderly, disabled, and handicapped pets deserve to live a happy, healthy life.


Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com was created in 2001 by Mark C. Robinson in memory of Mercedes, a slightly epileptic Keeshond who was put to sleep before her time because Mark didn’t know any better and had no way to find out more.

Now there’s a way.

We have all the products you’ll need to care for your aging, injured, and special needs pets!

Mark Robinson with dog wheelchair

To All Pet Lovers and Caretakers,

There was a day when injured or special needs pets were “no good anymore.” When an animal was hurt, became lame or incontinent, or was for any reason no longer wanted, they were put down.

Not Anymore.

We are becoming more aware of the sacredness of all life. We are beginning to understand the power of the loving bond that is created when one living thing cares for another.

Our pets have become family members and deserve to be loved, respected, and cherished. The purpose and mission of Walkin’ Pets is to help people learn that there are alternatives to euthanasia. An elderly, disabled, or injured pet can often live a high quality life for many years if they get the little help that they need, such as diapers, a rear-support leash, or a wheelchair.

I created this company in the memory of a Keeshond, Mercedes. She was put to sleep at a vet’s advice after being diagnosed with a mild form of canine epilepsy. Years later, a dear friend, was diagnosed with a mild form of epilepsy for which she takes a pill now and then to completely eliminate all symptoms. The disparity between the two reactions to the same disease was unacceptable. I created this company to give caretakers the information and products they need to make the difficult, loving decisions that face them.

This website is filled with stories of hope and healing, as well as the products, services, and support that a caretaker of a disabled or aging pet needs. Spend some time on the site to get all the information and inspiration you need to help your pet!

The most common reaction we get from people when they hear about what our company offers is, “If only I had known about you before I put my dog to sleep.” We need to reach people. We need to tell them that there are alternatives.

Best Regards,

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Mark C. Robinson

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