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Featured Pet

Meet Myla, our Pet of the Week!

“Hi, my name is Myla Yu, the Cavoodle from Australia, and I am a stage 5 IVDD survivor and fighter living my best life on wheels!”



Rescue Dog from Iran Searches for Forever Home!

“Go teddy!! We finally got him some snazzy Walkin’ Wheels – pink of course! I can’t believe how quickly Teddy got used to them! We didn’t go too far the first day, but did 2 HOURS worth of sniffing and saying hello!”

@teddyandmissythefrenchies 8/20/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

A Real Life SHERO!

“Turn your wounds into wisdom” and then Mrs. Ragini showed me exactly what that meant.

She has been in my life for a long time now. In the past few months, interacting with her has taught me so many things that have had a huge impact on my mind.

After so much that she has been through in her life, she still has the thirst to live her life, survive and be the best version. She is such an inspiration, so so strong.

Mrs. Ragini, to me, is a real life “SHERO”

@ashish.joshiii 7/23/21

chicken wheelchair

Snoozing in Her Wheelchair!

This sleepy little sweetheart is Almond. She has been at Here With Us for less than an hour, but look how comfortable she is already, snoozing in her wheelchair! A few days ago, I was contacted about a young hen with fused legs. Very similar to our Acorn, who has one fused leg. I immediately agreed to take Almond in. Although she will never walk normally, with the help of the wheelchair, she can absolutely live a comfortable life. And I know that her and Acorn will be best friends.

@herewithus_farmsanctuary 7/2/21


Becoming a Faster Cat!

She’s just received her new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair! How is she doing with it? She has become the fastest cat ever! Cats with mobility problems can continue to lead happy, active, and pain-free lives while using a wheelchair. Cats have a keen sense of balance, so some can adjust to an injury or amputated limb and regain some level of mobility on their own. But those who are paralyzed or have difficulty re-learning how to walk, may be ideal candidates for a wheelchair.

@sisu_says 6/18/21

tripod dog wheelchair

Bennie Remains a Face of the Company!

I am honored that Walkin’ Pets included Bennie’s handsome face on their product packaging for their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs! He’s a great example to the fact that, despite someone’s differences, a full and joyful life is within reach for anyone. What others may perceive as a limitation can, in fact, be someone’s greatest strength!

Bennie’s strength is how he proves, every single day, that life is there for the taking. I’m so proud of my little guy!”

– Christine 6/11/21


Tortoise gets his new custom wheels!

George Bailey is an 11-year-old sulcata tortoise who came from an exotic animal rescue in Knoxville, TN. I’ve had him for about ten years. He had metabolic bone disease when I got him, which affected his hind legs. Basically, those bones didn’t fully form, so the muscles work, but he can’t put his full weight on them. He uses his front legs to pull his way around slowly and clumsily. The bigger he’s gotten, the more difficult this has been for him. He currently weighs about 66 lbs, but may grow to over 200 lbs. He will live to be over 100 years old.

We got the Walkin’ Wheels, and the wheelchair is AMAZING!!! I put George on it, and he is able to move himself around! Sending big hugs and tortoise kisses to you guys!!

– Jamie 6/4/21


No Words are Enough

I can’t put into words the emotions that I’m feeling. Thanks to a chain of favors involving wonderful people, Nico finally got his Walkin’ Wheels! No words are enough for all of them. These are Nico’s first steps, and I wanted to share them with all of you.

@colito_kraw 5/14/21

dog wheelchair

Such a Happy and Bubbly Dog

What a great way to start the weekend off, with a heartwarming and inspirational story! We had a visit recently from one of our favorite and most inspirational patients, Chewbacca.

Chewy first showed signs of Degenerative Myelopathy in February 2019. He was diagnosed in May 2019, after a lot of tests to rule out other illnesses, by a different vet who suggested putting Chewy to sleep! His owners, Carol and Stephen, decided to get a second opinion and came to see Kurt here in Moss. Chewy was given the fighting chance he deserved as the disease progressed slowly. DM results in a loss of communication between the nerves in the lower body and the brain. The early signs include weakness and incoordination of the rear limbs. In February 2020, Chewy was kindly gifted his Walkin’ Wheels by a previous patient of Moss, this gave his owner’s arms a well-deserved break, as before they had to support him with a special harness. He is such a happy and bubbly dog who gets by so well with his wheels. He still loves to chase his football too!

@mossveterinaryhospital 5/07/21


Meet Benjamin, our Pet of the Week!

Benjamin is an absolute ray of sunshine! Today might be the best day of his life! He was surrendered by his breeder after realizing he had issues with his back legs. He also is developmentally delayed compared to his siblings. There are a lot of unknowns about him, but everyone at Bosley’s is hoping for the best. He is such a love bug, and the pack was so excited to meet him. Molly has already claimed him as her new puppy! Welcome, BB!

@thetuckerfarm 4/30/21

sheep wheelchair

Inspiring with Her Strength and Courage!

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu​Our beloved Anastasia inspires us daily with her strength and courage!

@edgarsmission 4/23/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

I Adopted ALL of Her

When you became dependent on me to walk, I carried you wherever you wanted to go, even when you got the zoomies, I was right behind you carrying your back end so you could run and enjoy life. Our spot at the lake has so many memories I will cherish until the end of time. From running full speed, to falling occasionally, to scooting around, to the wheelchair stage, to me carrying you to enjoy life’s little blessings… I’ve watched your body slowly give out, but your heart was always in it to rise up. My hands are calloused, my right arm is stronger than the left, my heart is crushed, my spirit is broken, but you are now free of a disease that crippled your body but never your spirit. Chessie, my girl, I loved you hard. You loved me harder. I tried to save you… but in the end, you saved me. There were days I cried, because I was so emotionally, mentally, and physically tired, but you weren’t so I pushed on. For almost 3 years, we have battled this disease together. I hope Heaven is filled with a muddy lake, someone that will throw balls for you, scratch your ears, twirl your curly hair, play with your curly toe hair, grass you can root up, and snow banks so high you can burrow under. Smile big, bark loud, and swim hard until momma sees you again my sweet girl Thanks for being ‘My once in a lifetime dog.’

Thank you to my people that were there with me today as I lost a piece of my soul and heart. I wouldn’t be standing if it wasn’t for the support system you all gave me. Of course I rescued her… and I would do it ALL over again if I could. When I adopted her… I adopted ALL of her

@chessiesmiles 4/16/21


She Has Come SUCH a Long Way!

Willy Wonka has had QUITE the journey! 😍 Check out this before, during, & after video of Willie’s INCREDIBLE transformation!

Willie was born with Carpal Laxity Syndrome, which means she has a little too much flexibility in her joints. After undergoing surgery, going through lots of physical therapy, & the use of her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, she has come SUCH a long way! She can now RUN on her own 4 feet! She also just celebrated her second Gotcha Day with her foster family! She is a true miracle!

@chilberg @deityanimalrescue 4/09/21

puppy wheelchair

Peggy Continues Walkin’!

I’m Peggy, and I am a 2-year-old specially-abled pit bull! I was recently adopted into my forever home by my new mom! Walks are probably my second favorite thing next to napping! Today I napped all day on the couch next to my dad, so I have a lot of energy to burn off! Look out squirrels and bunnies! I’m coming for you!

@peggy_thepitbull 4/02/21

small dog wheelchair

Lucky Keeps on Inspiring!

Dear Lucky,

You were my moving away from home graduation gift in 2013! The moment I saw you, I didn’t know I’d love animals this much! In 2016, you fought for another chance at life, even if that meant you would forever be paralyzed. My love for you has only grown, and thanks to you, I now have a business @luckybuddies1 that continues to grow everyday.

You may not know this but you motivate me every day to be the better version of myself! You are my strong, loving trooper that has gone through so much in life and you manage to stand tall for the both of us because you are my weakness in life.

@luckybuddies1 3/26/21


Buster gets his new 4×4!

New week. New wheels. No problem? Buster’s wheels arrived over the weekend! We call it his new 4×4 because he look so tiny in it!!

We chose the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, because of the wider base option – he used to flip over in his other one. So far, he’s eating all his meals in it, and I’m trying to encourage
him to take those first steps with treats, but smelling and licking the cart right now is his #1 priority, so stay tuned!

@bust.a.moves 3/19/21


Hard working dog gets wheels!

Rocky turns 11 years old on March 26, he is, and always has been, a working dog for my company, traveling all over the United States and Canada giving seminars and shows. He has fought many brave battles against vicious dogs attacking his pack and myself, yet never complained, although I knew he was badly injured at times. He came to me from a puppy mill in the UK at six months of age with hip problems. I strengthened his hips through several months of agility training and therapies that my company offers. He is now retired from his EDA work, however, he has still been traveling the country giving shows on stages in front of hundreds of people until recently, during this pandemic. His hips have been giving out this past year when teaching classes with the police dogs and working dogs here. He has never given up the “wheel” to work, so I bought the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair for him recently. Here is a video of his first day in the wheelchair. With the help of his wheelchair, he is still able to get on stage in front of all those people. He loves so much to perform his funny antics in front of his adoring fans. I would be honored for the chance to film another video or two for this company, to show the great work you do in the craftsmanship of your products, to add to the lives of our most selfless soldiers . . . Our canines.

-Christina Ricci 3/12/21

corgi wheelchair

Such a Happy Boy!

This is Hiro! Hiro is from Shanghai, and has been using our wheelchair for 8 years!

His first medium wheelchair was bought in the U.S. in 2014, then the wheelchair was sent to China. This year, his mother bought his second wheelchair, when she heard we had a special wheelchair designed specifically for corgis. Hiro is such a happy boy, and loves his Walkin’ Wheels!

– Florina 2/19/21


She LOVES her Walkin’ Wheels!

Hi! This is Lola, my 15-year-old corgi, who was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy in October. She LOVES her Walkin’ Wheels!

-Eve 2/5/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Lulah is her World

This is Lulah, who became paralyzed after an accident in 2018 rendered her back legs totally paralyzed. She is pain-free and now zooms around with the help of her Walkin’ Wheels – a sight to see!

As we chatted about Lulah, a little boy kindly asked her human why she needed wheels to get around. He was gentle and intently listened — but apparently that isn’t always the case . . . I hope that seeing Lulah’s little face might put to rest the desire to comment or assume about strangers, pets or people, because you never truly know the circumstances (unless, of course, you ask.) Her mum told me it’s a tough job to care for a special needs pup, but Lulah is her world.

@pupsofprimrosehill 1/29/21

french bulldog wheelchair

His Smiling Face is Worth It

Time flies so quickly . . .  It has been exactly 5 months now since we first found out about Chalky’s brain tumor. All the time and money is worth it. Just to hear him snoring when we wake up in the morning, and his smiling face is a sufficient reward!

@chalky0528 1/15/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

He Gets to be a Loved, Happy Dog, Finally!

I am a Board Member of Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue.  Zeke is a 15-year-old dog we saved from years of neglect. He lived outside his entire life, with no one to care about him. He has terminal cancer which has spread to his spine, causing hind weakness and coordination issues. Thanks to his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, he can explore and live the rest of his life with joy.  It may be a short time, but he gets to be a loved, happy dog, finally!  Gray Face Acres will continue to provide wheels to any dogs we rescue that need mobility help! Walkin’ Pets has been a miracle!

-Jade 1/8/21


I’m “Stinkin’ Cute”!

I was taken to SoulDog Rescue from the reservation where I was born. I was abandoned at the animal control there, after I was bit by a bigger dog, and then run over by a car, leaving me with a broken back and leg. It was a ruff time 😥

After a few days in the shelter, some nice people took me home and gave me a warm bath. They said they will help me walk again, so that one day I can be adopted. They told me I am “stinkin’ cute” and named me “Darla.” I have a whole bunch of toys and two big foster brothers named Simba and Kemp, who I really love even though they think I’m annoying. I’m a broken puppy with big hopes & dreams to run one day! 💜


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Hard Recovery, But Worth It!

Skylar’s road to recovery hasn’t been an easy one. Behind the scenes, there has been many sleepless nights, times of anger, frustration, and stress. Financial stress, the stress of not knowing if I was doing the right thing by Skylar for her own well-being, the stress of losing a lot of my independence and hers too. But her progress, attitude and happiness in life has shown me it’s all been worth it. Thank you, Sky, for blessing my life.

@skylarthecatax 12/18/20

french bulldog wheelchair

A Beautiful Soul

Odi, you are the most beautiful soul I know. You are my best reason to make every day better. You are my heaven on Earth. I LOVE YOU!

@odi_nevergiveup 12/11/20

dog wheelchair

A Brave Dog Searching for a Forever Home

Willie was found paralyzed in Texas a little over a month ago. He had been hit by a car (breaking his back) and shot multiple times. He had been abandoned, dragging his legs around for weeks, eating trash to survive. Luckily, we were able to coordinate a rescue for him, and about a month ago, he made it to us in Denver, Colorado. He is the sweetest, happiest boy despite everything! An amazing rescue called Joey’s PAW paid for Willie’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, which he loves! Willie is now searching for his forever home, and he will also be undergoing surgery to hopefully relieve pressure on his spinal cord. He is such a brave dog, I love being his foster!

– Red Fern Animal Rescue 12/4/20

hip brace for pets

The Most Perfect Happy Little Goat!

Patrick got the new Walkin’ Hip-EEZ from Walkin’ Pets to help his weak back legs to stay in a more normal position. He was starting to cross his back legs a lot due to the weakness, which was going to lead to more issues as he grows.

I feel Patrick is doing great and will continue to make improvements. While he drags his legs behind him, he is also making purposeful movements with them. He also gets himself to a full standing position on his own. I hope in the coming months I will be posting him taking steps, but regardless, he is the most perfect, happy little goat!

@rubyslippergoatrescue 11/27/20

dog wheelchair

Finding a Forever Home and Joining Wheelie Program

Everyone meet Milo! This guy was left in a ditch by the side of a country road, paralyzed from the waist down. It seems like his injury wasn’t a new one, so his ‘family’ just didn’t want him anymore.

This sweet pup is a young boy who is gentle and affectionate and has had no interest in Alabama in finding a forever home so he is joining our wheelie program!!!!!

In a few weeks, Milo will be transported from Alabama to NY and will then be officially up for adoption! Of course if you are interested now, or know someone who will like to adopt him, you can DM us!

Thank you to @save__a__pet for taking such great care of him and @realhappydogs for the amazing pictures and sharing him.

@friendswithfourpaws 11/20/20

walkin' wheels wheelchair

Now She is Safe

Gaia lost her leg after a local farmer kept her tied up on a rope and the rope got caught around her leg. Over time her leg rotted off. Some good humans intervened and now she is safe with her baby at @alohaanimalsanctuary.

@sonrisajess 11/13/20

paralyzed dog drag bag

Has So Much Love to Give

I got a gift! My new friend sent me a new Walkin’ Drag Bag! I’m so excited! Having a Drag Bag keeps my little legs from getting all banged up (and possibly infected), that’s why it’s so important to have them in my wardrobe. Can you imagine what my legs would be like without this protection? It’s important to raise awareness for handicapped/disabled pets, and the tools they use to stay active.  Our bodies may be damaged, but our hearts are SO big, and we have SO much love to give.

@prettyswellnell 11/6/20

german shepherd wheelchair

Excited to Try Wheels in the Sand and Waves

Hi friends! It’s been a while. Mom and Dad have been trying to help me get around and be strong, but my back legs haven’t been working so good. Then they got me these wheels and I CAN ZOOM NOW. Thanks you, Walkin’ Pets! We’re going to the beach this week, and I am super excited to try my wheels in the sand and waves!

@sarges_journey 10/30/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Cuteness Overload!

Cuteness overload! Somebody got her wheels today! Scout is still battling meningitis, but she’s getting stronger every day. She might not be able to walk again, but she’s sure gonna have fun rollin’ along on all our adventures!


dog wheelchair for frenchie

Already Getting the Hang of It!

Our sweet trooper has a new set of Walkin’ Wheels to help him get around easier. He is already getting the hang of getting of it!

– Beth 10/16/20

golden retriever wheelchair

Now She Eats Better Than Her Humans!

Lucy was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy in March. It was devastating news, and the vets gave her 6 months to 3 years to live. Now that 6 months have gone by, we are confident she will be around longer. She is able to exercise with her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, sees a chiropractor regularly for adjustments, gets laser therapy, and even eats better than her human parents! Here’s to more time with our Lucy!

@coloradofurfamily 10/9/20

blind dog halo

His Halo Gives Him Confidence!

“Mr. Ham explored a new pasture on the farm today in his Walkin’ Blind Dog Halo. Though he still has a little sight left in his only eye, he is far more confident exploring his environment when he’s wearing his halo.”

@isle.of.misfits 9/25/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Rocco, our Featured Pet of the Week!

Rocco was born in Malaga in 2005, and was given to a shelter by his family because they no longer wanted him. He was 5 years old when I found him on the Animal Protection Association’s website. He was an emergency case, because he had given up. I flew to Malaga and brought him to my home in Germany. He was deaf, but I think that if he could still hear, that he would have still been a stubborn dog with his own way of life! He was special, he showed me his world. Through him, I became a dog psychologist to help other street dogs. He was patient, headstrong, funny, and a runner. He loved nature and running outdoors. At the age of 14, his rear legs became weaker and weaker, so we bought a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. He immediately loved the wheelchair. The wheels helped him immediately, because he couldn’t have walked without them, and his life would have ended then. When Roco was 15, we had to let him cross over the Rainbow Bridge. He became too weak. The wheelchair gave him and I a wonderful time together, and for that, I am forever grateful.

– Tatjana 9/25/20

large dog wheelchair

These Animals Are My Miracles

I rescued Yadigar 1.5 years ago. Yadigar was shot in a small village in Turkey, and became paralyzed. I am a volunteer at Usak animal shelter, and they told me that she needs my help. We got her her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair last March. She is my girl, she is my hope, she is my miracle. I also have one other dog that is disabled, as well as a few cats. My animals are my miracles.

– Nadia 9/18/20

dog wheelchair for boxer

Meet Chance, our Featured Pet of the Week!

I found Chance on the street back in 2010, and decided to keep him after no one claimed him as missing. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because he is so great and an absolute love bug. In November of 2018, he was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, but thankfully it did not progress super quickly. Now almost 2 years later, Chance is almost completely paralyzed in his hind legs, but still has a gleam in his eyes that can’t be denied. The Walkin’ Wheels have been a god send for Chance.

– Tracy 9/11/20

full support dog wheelchair

Able to Take His First Steps!

English Cocker Spaniel puppy, Arthur, has struggled since the day he was born. Only 7 months old, Arthur is only now taking his first steps. Born breech, Arthur was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Most other pups with the condition have an underdeveloped cerebellum, Arthur was born without one. Satchel’s last resort rescued this sweet boy, and have been giving him the utmost care. Walkin’ Pets recently donated a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for him, and he was able to take his very first steps! Now all Arthur needs is a forever home! For more information on Arthur, please contact:

@satchelslastresort 9/4/20

4-wheel dog wheelchair

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Roo!

Happy 1st Birthday, Roo! I’m so proud of all the hard work you have done! Look at you in your new quad wheelchair from Joeys PAW and Walkin’ Pets! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! seeing you in this cart today, made me so happy and gives me so much hope that you will be up playing with your friends very soon. Happy Birthday, sweet baby! I love you!

@roo_and_his_friends_ 8/28/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Jackson, our Featured Pet of the Week!

Jackson got his wheels at 14, when his back legs needed support due to old age and a spinal compression. He took to them straight away, and happily continued his long walks with ease. Since then, we’ve added the front wheels to support his front legs as they’ve lost strength as well. Now at 15.5 years old, he’s walking shorter distances but still loves to chase cats and squirrels. He’s aging gracefully and joyfully, and still living a vibrant life thanks to his Walkin’ Wheels!

– Annjanette 8/14/20


dog wheelchair for rottweiler

I Will Be Able To Go On Adventures Now!

Today was my first day in my new wheelchair! It came in the mail and I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but it only took me a few minutes to get used to it and now I’m rolling over curbs like it’s nothing!

I have pretty serious hip dysplasia on both my left and right sides. My mom and dad met up with a very special doctor when they got me, who talked to them about my options all of which require surgery in the future. The idea of surgery makes me pretty nervous, but luckily I can take as many preventative measures as I can now so I can get as much out of my hips as possible! I take daily supplements to help my hips feel better, but being a large breed dog, there is a lot of pressure put on them so I get sore quickly if I run or jump around too much.

So my parents got me this super cool Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair to use part time so that I can get my exercise and stay healthy without putting too much pressure on my hips and hurting myself. This wheelchair is special because it has supports that go under my belly and legs that take some of the pressure off my hips, all while my feet are still on the ground, so I can still walk with my back legs so that I can keep my muscles strong! I can’t wait to see what adventures I will be able to go on now that I have these hot wheels!

@harvey.the.rottie 7/24/20


fully supportive dog wheelchair

Beyond Grateful

Anabelle was found in the woods thrown away with garbage (literally). She was found on April 7 in the woods on Grassy Island (it’s where Anson, Richmand, and Montgomery Counties meet). She was taken to Anson County Animal Shelter in NC. A woman named Maureen took a chance on her and knew she was not ready to give up on her so she sent her to an animal clinic called Paws and Claws (a big THANK YOU to Maureen). @rescuedogsrocknyc stepped up and took a chance on her and is taking on her medical bills. Thank you so very much! I am beyond grateful for not only Anabelle, but also for helping Boone live his best life.

She was used as a bait dog, she was bred, they pulled most of her teeth and the few she has left they filed down and now pulp is exposed. They broke her rear leg and her two wrists. She is the sweetest dog, but gets scared when we leave or enter the room. She is afraid of doors, bells, being in the middle of a room, not having her back to a wall. We are going to take her to a behaviorist at OSU and try and work through some of this fear. We are in no hurry to do this, and we will work to do it at her own pace as much as possible. I want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help her get to a place feeling calm, at peace and happy. She eats 5 or more times a day to put some weight on her. She eats like a champ. She will be heading to Ohio State Veterinary hospital in Columbus Ohio on the 15th for a consult, and if she is good to go, she will have surgery probably on the 16th on her rear leg and then they will do surgery on the front legs. Thank you to Walkin’ Pets for my awesome new Walkin’ Wheels to help me get off of my wrists! We love you!

I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming love and support and those who have sent her items from the wish list – THANK YOU! My husband and I are beyond grateful. Thank you so very much! Thank you for joining us on this journey with Sweet Anabelle!

@anabelles_army 7/10/20


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Optimistic and Positive Dog Looking for a Home

This sweet girl was found at the door of a factory in the middle of China. She was dying in the strong sunshine in the summer at the time. Perhaps that was the last hope of her life. She got the chance to get her life back when her rescuer found her.  The rescuer gave her a new name, Blueberry. Blueberry is about 1-2 years old. She has curvature of the spine, and is paralyzed in both hind legs. She has a great personality, friendly to people and other dogs, and is very optimistic and positive. She is looking for a family. We hope Blueberry can bring faith to someone. We hope someone can give her a stable life.

– Florina 7/2/20


wheelchair for lamb

Stinkerbell Strawberrymoon & Sally Snowflurries

Stinkerbell Strawberrymoon & Sally Snowflurries. Two special little goats with similar conditions that made them the outcasts of their former herds. They are now sisters! Growing & thriving together thanks to their newfound mobility provided by our many donors & Walkin’ Pets!

@enchantedfarmsanctuary 6/12/20


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Continually Inspired by this Angel Boy!

Get to know Pop! This baby boy was born in Mexico and was attacked with no immediate intervention. Unfortunately, his back was broken and despite surgeries later on, nothing was successful . . .  HOWEVER, this pup has such a will to live and the most contagious joyful spirit! 

Although he doesn’t have functional hind legs, he is in NO pain and is unstoppable!

He is looking for a very special forever home, and is losing his foster home today. We are continually inspired by this angel boy!

@rollin_with_pop 6/5/20



Inspiring the Family to Cherish Each Moment

This is from the first day in her Walkin’ Wheels. Therefore, the first day of being able to enjoy (one of her favorite things) a walk in almost two weeks! Her hind legs have been paralyzed since May 14. It’s been heartbreaking to see her trying to drag her body to the window. Maddie was diagnosed with a cancerous thyroid tumor in March, and they also found some masses in her spleen. The first two vets talked almost immediately about euthanasia, but we still see so much fight and life in this girl that if she’s not giving up, neither are we. This journey with her since quarantine, has put us through an emotional roller coaster, but has inspired the whole family to cherish each moment we have with the ones we love and to be grateful for what we have. And that when life knocks us down, we roll with the punches and get up like a Maddie.

-Raquel @raqconteur 5/29/20


dog wheelchair for boxer

Loved Being Able to Run Around Again

This is my rescued boxer, Rufus. He is deceased now, but he was about 5 years old in this picture. We live in Louisville,KY, USA. His back legs gave out due to spinal lymphoma. When he got his Walkin’ Wheels, he LOVED being able to run around again!!! One day we were walking on our riverside pedestrian bridge when he was in his wheelchair, and a child in his wheelchair lit up seeing a dog that was in a similar situation! It was the sweetest thing! We have since passed his cart on to other boxers in the same boxer rescue organization, since boxers commonly have ambulatory issues from degenerative myelopathy. Thank you all!!!

-Sara 5/08/20


pug wheelchair

Bringing a Smile to Those She Meets

Maya is the softest, smallest pug you will ever meet, and people fall in love with her instantly. Her sweet personality and curious expressions elicit an emotional response, even from strangers. That’s when I knew that being a therapy dog was her calling. For several years, Maya was a calming, delightful presence at Texas Assisted Living Facilities offering comfort to the elderly, the sick, and the handicapped. Now, at 13, Maya has a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair and she is retired. Her degenerative myelopathy has taken away the use of her back legs, but Maya is still a happy, loving girl who brings a smile to the face of everyone she meets.



french bulldog wheelchair

Meet Bleu, our Featured Pet of the Week!

Bleu has been paralyzed since she was 1 years old. When she lost the use of her legs, she never looked back! Bleu has a zest for life and doesn’t let her disability slow her down!

– Katie @bleuthefrenchpig 4/24/20  

dachshund wheelchair

Rolling and Thriving in Sunny Arizona!

Jeffery Rodgers suffered an IVDD injury in 2017. His first surgery was unsuccessful, and his second surgery left him with limited mobility. Two years later, Jeffery is rolling and thriving in sunny Arizona! After getting his Walkin’ Wheels, he has found a new energy and looks forward to his daily rolls with his mom and sister! Nothing can stop him now!

– Lindsey Rodgers 4/17/20


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

He is Always Ready to Adapt

Haven is just one of those dogs that you get lucky to have in your life. He is amazingly smart and takes to everything super fast. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, he has always been right there, tail wagging, waiting for me at the end of the day. No matter what life has thrown at him this last year, he’s always ready to adapt and get on with life.

– Cassondra 4/10/20


dog wheelchair for labrador retriever

We Do It All in Her Wheels!

Dutch has had TWO spinal surgeries and has maintained her positive energy the whole time. She’s truly an inspiration. Our first born, we would do anything for her, and we love that her Walkin’ Wheels allow her to have fun and live her life! We hike, ski, swim . . . We do it all in her wheels!!!

@dutchyonwheels 4/3/20


dog wheelchair for french bulldog

Can’t Wait for Warmer Weather

Stitch found a stick today on his first official walk with his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. We had @thecharlieadventures for the support in town, and he moved pretty quick. I can’t wait to see him get more and more comfortable with his wheelchair so I can take him out again. Poor dude hasn’t been able to go on walks as he used to due to recovery and restrictions using the wheelchair – so I can’t wait for warmer weather and seeing him go!

@stitchandcasper 4/8/20


rear dog wheelchair

Spreading Love Wherever He Goes

Bebz was a healthy dog until October 15th, 2019, when he became paralyzed from a herniated disc. After many treatments, the pain was gone and he was able to live his best life and run around with his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair! Bebz is an extremely loving dog, he loves to cuddle with everybody, and he’s such a sweet boy.  He has shown resilience in the worst of moments, and he always knew he could count on me to take care of him. He amazes me everyday by his humor and the way we understand each other. When we walk outside, he just wants to greet every dog we see, and they instantly become friends. He spreads love everywhere he goes, and he is perfect.

– Cindy @bebzintown 3/27/20


rear dog wheelchair

The Look in Her Eyes Makes it Worthwhile.

In April 2018, Bailey was officially diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy after a year of exhibiting symptoms.  I had heard about Walkin’ Pets, and decided once she began to knuckle her back paws, that a wheelchair would be a good choice for her. She has regained the confidence and freedom she once had, that DM was beginning to take from her. She’s amazing because she fights so hard every day and is so resilient in overcoming any obstacle thrown her way from her disease.  She can no longer fully support her own weight without the help of a harness, and the look in her eyes when she’s in her wheelchair and realizes she can walk unassisted makes it all worthwhile.  She’s my inspiration, my best friend, and I’m continually amazed by her.

– Lauren 3/20/20


german shepherd wheelchair

Meet Jambo, our featured pet of the week! 

Jambo passed away last July, at 12 years old. We adopted him from a shelter when he was just 4 months old. When he was 9, he developed degenerative myelopathy, and the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair gave him a second chance at life. He enjoyed them very much, and had so many great times with them. Spike, his close friend, and I miss him a lot. We always will love him. Thank you for this second chance, Walkin’ Pets.

– Noelia 3/13/20



The Wheelchair is Perfect for Him

We are a Polish family living in India. Two months ago, we took in a puppy named Simba to foster. Simba is disabled in his rear legs. Besides that, he is a happy little fellow. As you can easily guess, we had fallen in love with him and decided to keep him and take care of him. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. We had many doubts at first, not only regarding the fact that this dog needs a lot of attention, but also because that India is not our home country. We are sure the wheelchair is perfect for him, much better balanced, and makes the difference.

– Jarek 3/6/20



Loves to Go on Adventures

I know I have said this before, but I thank your wonderful company and its employees for enabling me to keep my beautiful girl. Without her (as we call it “go-cart”) she would have been gone a year ago. I became a widow 5 years ago at age of 43, and Missy has gotten me through the tough times. For me to be able to give her back a wonderful quality of life despite her inability to walk on her own has been a blessing. She is about 14-15 years old (she found us in 2007 with her son, Buddy, who passed away unexpectedly in April) and has a very strict schedule of walking that she insists upon. She loves to go on adventures and meet new people. Thanks to her Walkin’ Wheels, she can do that. Again, many many thanks.

– Laura 3/10/20


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Enjoying His Walks Once More

El viejo (The old) was rescued from a park in San Salvador where he was living at the time. Old and blind in one eye, he had few possibilities to survive a new rainy season. After 1 month of living in his new house with his 2 siblings, he became paralyzed in his back legs, possibly from having been hit by a car previously. After some months, he received a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair from a salvadoran dog shelter called Milagros de Amor (love’s miracle). He has been enjoying walks around his neighborhood with his siblings ever since. The smile on his face, the shine in his eyes, every morning walk, makes us realize how easy it is to enjoy life, no matter the odds against you.

– Raúl 2/28/20


dog wheelchair for pug

Still Able to Roll Into Adventures!

Don’t feel bad that I use a wheelchair; rejoice that I’m still able to roll into adventures! Disability doesn’t have to be lack of mobility. Nor does it mean euthanasia.

@the_dotty 2/26/20


dog wheelchair for french bulldog

He Completes Our Family

Gancho is a French bulldog, born in Brazil, and currently living in the Amazon. He is a very happy dog. He loves to go to the beach, swim in the river, and ride with the windows down. In June of 2019, he herniated two discs. Gancho is a very special dog, because he completes our family, and makes us very happy. His Walkin’ Wheels help him get his daily exercise, and he gets to ride around the city!

– Luiza @ganchobulldog 2/21/20


large dog wheelchair

Eager to Live Her Best Life

Shelby had the unfortunate experience of waking up to a ruptured disc in her back. There was nothing scarier than waking up to your little girl being hind-end paralyzed. After having surgery, Shelby has been doing great with her physical therapy and acupuncture. She also has a private masseuse that comes to our house to make sure she stays nice and loose! Shelby loves when it’s time to go out in her Walkin’ Wheels and run around with her sister, Roxy. Throughout this whole experience, Shelby has never been down, but rather, she has been very positive and eager to live her best life!

– Joe 2/14/20


small dog wheelchair

Allowed to Be Himself Again

Bertie was diagnosed with IVDD a year ago, and had since undergone surgery and hydrotherapy to aid his recovery. His wheelchair has allowed him to be himself again, go out for adventures, and play with other pups. We can’t thank Walkin’ Wheels enough!

– Amy @bimmersandbertie 2/07/20


rear dog wheelchair

Meet Ruby, our Featured Pet of the Week!

Ruby was rescued at around 5 weeks of age from a high kill shelter in Riverside, CA. She was the only one of her siblings, including her mom, to have nubs on her back two paws. All of her siblings and mother were adopted except for her. Foster Army Animal rescue stepped in and rescued Ruby, and now she is living with her fosters still looking for her forever home. Even though Ruby has a disability, she never lets that stop her, and continues to play with her foster fur brothers every day. She gets around without her wheelchair, but life on wheels has brought an amazing quality of life to Ruby. She now can go out on walks and hikes, exploring the world like any other pup. Her Walkin’ Wheels  wheelchair has been amazing with her mobility and giving her the chance to go on many adventures!

– Jessica 1/31/20


dog wheelchair for paralyzed pets

His Spirit Was Never Broken

When I adopted Burton, he loved to run and could make circles around most dogs with how fast he was.  His paralysis happened overnight when he was around 5 years old, and literally that day, he was “running” around the yard, dragging his backend like nothing was different.  His spirit was never broken, not even for a second, and he has truly taught me acceptance and perseverance. If he could move forward so quickly, I was his human and also needed to step up and make it work.

Fast forward about 4 years, and Burton is the talk of the neighborhood as we go wheeling by – some have even nicknamed him “Wheels.”  My favorite story, though, is my neighbor down around the corner owns a bird, Alfie, that waits and only talks when he sees him coming! Alfie is brought to the screen door every day to talk to Burton while we pass, and Burton always stops and listens for a moment before continuing on his way.

– Meredith 1/17/20


dog wheelchair for boxer

Forever Grateful

Thank you so much for making such an amazing product. When my boxer, Hannah, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, I was beside myself. Then my vet at Warm Animal Hospital recommended the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for her, if I was willing to put in the work to maintain her quality of life, which of course I was. Today, she made it 1.93 miles in a run/walk and would have done more if we had the time to do so. You have extended my girls life by years. I am forever grateful.

– Rocky 1/10/20


rear dog wheelchair

Able to Enjoy Aging Gracefully!

Ruby is a 10-year-old rescue. She broke her spine whilst playing ball with her fur brother Arnie. Ruby is one tough cookie, who has adapted well to her new life, which left her with minimal function of her hind legs. She still loves chasing balls and going for walks. Her condition has not diminished her happiness, thanks to her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, which allow her to get around and enjoy aging gracefully!

– Radka 1/3/20


small dog wheelchair

Can Run and Play with Happy His Family!

Leo Shou Bao is a poodle who was injured in a car accident and abandoned by her owner. Because she did not get immediate care, she became permanently disabled and lived on the street as a stray dog.

Six months later, she was found, befriended, and put up for adoption by a woman living outside Shanghai. Soon, Leo Shou Bao was adopted by her new family in a nearby city and found her home for life. Concerned that Leo Shou Bao couldn’t walk, they bought Leo an inexpensive wheelchair. Unfortunately, it did not fit well, was poorly balanced, and kept falling over. So they learned all they could about dog wheelchairs and chose a different one, more expensive, but higher quality. Now, Leo Shou Bao runs and plays with his happy family every day.



walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

This Registered Therapy Dog Enjoys Visiting Patients

Meet Champ, our Featured Pet of the Week! “Champ came from Egypt, where he was rescued by Cairo Animal Rescue Team, and sent to the USA to Doberman Rescue Unlimited where we then adopted him. Champ is a registered Therapy dog who enjoys visiting special needs children and hospice patients. He loves everyone he meets, despite having only 2 working legs. Without his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, his true potential for comforting others would never have been realized…

– Rebecca 12/27/19


full support dog wheelchair

Meet Walter, our Featured Pet of the Week!

I wanted to send a note, because on Wednesday I lost my basset hound, Walter. He got his Walkin’ Wheels over the summer. They gave him the ability to walk and enjoy life. He was a rescue, and my foster failure, and he had such a big heart. I am grateful that I had more time with him because of his wheels and other equipment (the harnesses and booties), that helped him get around more easily inside and outside. He was a beautiful soul, and my heart is broken, but his wheels helped to give him more enjoyment in life over the past several months.

Thank you.

– Sarah 12/20/19


large dog wheelchair

Able to Run Across the Lawn on Her Own Again

Meet Rita, our Featured Pet of the Week!”Rita was a bright and bouncy puppy who loved to go out on long walks. When she turned 4, she started to slow down, showing signs of lameness and stiffness in her hind legs. As the year went on, the symptoms got worse so we went to see a neurologist in Birmingham who recommended spinal surgery to stabilize her spine as she was diagnosed with severe discospondilitis.

Apparently she also had the worst case of DISH he had ever seen. She underwent the surgery in Jan. of 2019, a lengthy operation which involved her having 8 6cm titanium screws, screwed into her spine. Sadly, the spinal operation didn’t work and she lost the use of both of her back legs.

It was then we decided to buy the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, and it was the best decision we ever made. She took to them straight away. It was such an emotional moment seeing our baby run across the lawn on her own to go and pick up a tennis ball that she hadn’t played with for months.

– Penny 12/16/19


quad wheelchair for goat

So Incredibly Thankful

Alice was diagnosed with Listeria on June 1st of this year. Listeria is an infection in her brain. Alice spent 24 days at the vet. Her entire left side was paralyzed, and she could not move. She had to be propped up between two hay bales, and she had to be tube fed and received physical therapy for weeks. We were able to finally pick Alice up from the vet on June 24th. She still could not walk, however, she was able to eat and drink on her own. We got her a Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair to help with her rehabilitation, and I firmly believe that without the wheelchair, she would still not be walking today. Alice learned to walk again, and although half of her face is still paralyzed, she is doing wonderfully. She can eat, drink, walk, run, and climb by herself. She is a miracle and we are so incredibly thankful for the wheelchair!

– Amanda @herewithus_farmsanctuary 12/6/19


full support dog wheelchair

‘Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.’

Having a paraplegic animal is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. I know why people give up, throw in the towel. Day in, and day out— he is our life. Everything from the time we wake up, to the time we go to sleep, revolves around him, & knowing he will never get better, well, that’s the hardest part. Sure, we’ve been told millions of times by strangers, even family and friends on if we’re ‘doing the right thing.’ But no one knows him like we do. Like his vets do. Like his team does. They don’t see his face light up & paws pump when we grab his muffin game. Or the barks of excitement every time we get off the freeway to go swimming. Or the bliss in those squinty eyes every day on bike rides. They don’t see that, & it’s fine. Because we know, we’ve always known. ——

This dude is on a different journey, & a completely untraditional timeline. But it’s because of us. Because we made the time. Because we adjusted our entire lives. Because when he became ‘difficult,’ we didn’t just throw in the towel. Because we hope one day THIS will be the norm for animals. THIS is what people will sign up for when they take home that cute puppy, or scared shelter dog, or a playful companion for their kids. Limitations and all. ——

There is a quote that says: ‘Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.’ Think about that. Think about all the moments your animals have helped you through. Tally ‘em up — I’m sure it more than exceeds a few months of ‘inconvenience.’

@krista.rad 12/13/19


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Like a Spit Fire on Wheels

She is a spit fire on wheels. She took to the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair as soon as she was placed in it. She goes swimming weekly and is a girl after my own heart because she loves food! She loves every person she meets but prefers to have all the attention to herself!

Laura 11/22/19


rear dog wheelchair for french bulldog

She is Getting Around Fast!

Maggie is mobile again! Little Maggie has DM. What does that mean? Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a genetically caused, slowly progressive spinal cord disease that usually leads to complete paralysis of the hindquarters. So that Maggie can still go for long laps, we decided to get her a wheelchair, and she is getting around fast!



walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Doesn’t Even Know He Has a Disability

Domino became paralyzed 3 years ago from a bad disc. Nothing stops him and he Loves his Walkin’ Wheels. Domino is full of life and doesn’t even know he has a disability!

Missy 11/15/19


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Won’t Let His Disability Stop Him

Gunner is such a special boy. He became paralyzed from jumping over logs and landing wrong. He does not let his disability stop him though! He is also my service dog! He is so special to everyone he meets. He loves his Walkin’ Wheels!!

Tyler 11/8/19


four wheel dog wheelchair

Getting an Upgrade

Jules got a wheelchair upgrade this weekend. His front end is getting weaker, but luckily Walkin’ Pets makes a front attachment that connects to his rear wheelchair!



walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

“2 fast 4U”

Jake suffered an injury to his left hind-leg and pelvis when he was less than 8 weeks old (both were fractured). He was surrendered to Mac’s Mission in Missouri. Another injury to that same leg occurred, and the search was on for someone able to surgically take his case. He was near being euthanized, when at the last minute, he found himself being driven to Woodhaven Michigan Animal Hospital. His left hind-leg and tail had to be amputated, due to traumatic injury and infection. He spent three months at the hospital, healing and making friends. On September 9, 2018, I made the drive from outside of Chicago to pick him up and bring him back to his forever home, which was with me. Jake has an older fur-brother and fur-sister. Of course he gets around amazingly well in his Walkin’ Wheels! One of his going away presents from a Woodhaven staff member was a license plate for the back of his chair that reads “2 fast 4U,” and has his name on it. He has an amazingly happy spirit and a lot of energy. Because he has so many fans from his days at both Mac’s Mission and Woodhaven Animal Hospital, he has his own Facebook page: Jake K9 MacHaven.

Dawn 11/1/19


large dog wheelchair

Loves Hiking and Finding Trails

This sweet girl was wandering the neighborhood with her son, Buddy, 12 years ago.  She literally left him on our doorstep, while she continued to wander.  She would come every 2 weeks to check in on him.  After several months, she finally decided to stay herself, and we are so glad she did.  She loves to hike and can always find the trail when we go astray.  As her back legs began to fail, she took to her “go-cart” quickly and even though she is slowing down these days, she still INSISTS on two walks a day.  My husband became ill and passed away.  Missy and her son, Buddy, were my support system day in and out.   I have many people stop and ask about her and her wheels and I am told what a terrific person I am caring for her.  My response is always, she’s done far more for me.  Her son, Buddy, passed away in April after an unexpected illness and she has had to power through the loss of her companion. Thank you.

Laura 10/25/19


small dog wheelchair

Totally Enjoys the Ability to Walk Again

We adopted Sophia in 2009 after she was kept in a cage for 2 years for breeding. In 2015, she started having trouble using her back legs when walking. Acupuncture helped for 1 year, and then her rear leg mobility totally stopped. Sophia has been using a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair since then, and totally enjoys the ability to walk again!

Jacques 10/18/19


rear wheelchair for dogs

This Spoiled Dog is Full of Life and Love

At 4 weeks old, Boby was attacked by a group of feral dogs in Puerto Rico. He was left with a broken back and was completely paralyzed. Someone found him and took him to a vet to be helped. Unfortunately, the vet wanted to euthanize him. But thanks to a tech working at the vet clinic, she contacted Paws of Hope Puerto Rico (an amazing rescue) to see if they would take them. She told them she could see in his eyes that he was a fighter and wanted to live. Right before he was put down, Paws of Hope came to his rescue and immediately started assessing his injuries and making a game plan to rehabilitate him. After several months of hard work, Boby was able to walk again (not great though). When he was posted for adoption, the rescue reached out to me to see if I would foster him in Michigan or adopt him, having taken a previous difficult rescue before for them. I told them to call me in a few weeks if no one contacts them about adopting him. 4 weeks went by, and anyone who had inquired about him, didn’t want him as soon as they heard he was special needs. So after a long time of thinking it over, I decided to adopt him. But before he could come, the vet wouldn’t approve his papers until Boby got a surgery to remove the head of his right femur. After recovering from that, he was able to fly to Michigan to be with his new family and start physical therapy at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation! Boby has made huge strides since his arrival, and he is a happy, spoiled dog who’s full of life and love!

Emma Grobbel 10/11/19


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Giacomo, our Featured Pet of the Week!

When Giacomo lost the use of his legs, I thought he would give up living. But as soon as we put him in his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, he took off chasing squirrels & enjoyed long walks like he always did. Dogs are amazing creatures in the way that they adapt to any situation. My wonderful boy was always very active, so when he lost the use of his back legs, I was afraid he would give up on life. But when he got his Walkin’ Wheels, he immediately started running and playing again! Giacomo was such a sweet boy. With the help of his wheelchair, he adapted to his paralysis incredibly well. He passed away exactly 1 year ago, and I still miss him terribly.

Patricia 10/4/19


He Doesn’t Want to Go Inside

Blizzard figured out his new Walkin’ Wheels right away! This was his first time out, and he took to it really fast. He’s so happy. He didn’t want to come in!

@one_and_only_goose 10/10/19


dog wheelchair

Flash Enjoys New Quality of Life

Flash has a history of back problems, and last year his hind legs gave out.  He has feeling in his legs, but can’t walk on them. One of my Rover dog clients told me about a wonderful non-profit called Gunnar’s Wheels (who donates wheelchairs to animals in need). I contacted them, and we received the wheelchair this week! He is so happy to be able to run again with his new wheels, and that he can enjoy a quality life.

Tasha McRaniels 9/27/19


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