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Mark C. Robinson
I travel the world helping animals and families.
Mark C. Robinson Founder & CEO
Kathy Conley
My familty makes my heart dance.
Kathy Conley President
Lindy Evans
I hail from Liverpool, the birthplace of The Beatles.
Lindy Evans Human Resources
Jennifer Pratt
I have been a tap dancer since I was two years old.
Jennifer Pratt Director of Marketing, Sales & Business Development
Courtney Lorch
I completed Wilderness Survival Camp.
Courtney Lorch Senior Manager of Operations
Beth Leech
I have six brothers and sisters.
Beth Leech Purchasing and Operations
Renee Mills
I love drawing and creating artwork in my spare time.
Renee Mills VT, CCRP Rehabilitation Division
Debbie Tylus
I am a travel junkie.
Debbie Tylus International Dealer, Veterinary Sales, Rescue Support & Outreach
Chrissy Murray
I can beat the original Super Mario Bros. in 10 minutes.
Chrissy Murray Professional Sales & Marketing Specialist
Marco Vasquez
Costa Rica is PURA VITA.
Marco Vasquez International Sales Representative
Florina Wang
I love traditional Chinese dancing.
Florina Wang Executive Assistant – China Division
Emma Atwood
I love camping and extra toast cheez-its.
Emma Atwood Customer Service Lead
Morgan Brazil
I collect tarantulas and other exotic pets.
Morgan Brazil Customer Service Representative
Jillian Daigle
I live on a small farm with a potbelly pig, goats, chickes, two horses, cats and dogs.
Jillian Daigle Customer Service Representative
Jamie Duclos
I like spending time outdoors, exploring. Waterfall hikes are my favorite.
Jamie Duclos Customer Service Representative
Lindsay Garneau
I am a certified SPIN instructor and enjoy obstacle course races.
Lindsay Garneau Customer Service Representative
Kimmie Maier
I am a Nationally Registered Paramedic.
Kimmie Maier Customer Service Representative
Colleen Ryan
I love seafood and am always happy.
Colleen Ryan Customer Service Representative
Stephen Katsigianis
I make and paint moccasins in my free time.
Stephen Katsigianis Customer Service Representative
Laura Simard
I love traveling and cuddling with my tuxedo cat, Rags.
Laura Simard Purchasing/Projects
Mimi Brown
I forage for mushrooms in my free time.
Mimi Brown Quality Control
Erika Ellis
I do special effects makeup in my spare time.
Erika Ellis Product Expert
Mikayla Feehan
I won Class Clown in high school.
Mikayla Feehan Digital Media Manager
Dan Rodd
I can play the cello and banjo.
Dan Rodd Graphic Design
Angela Bourne
I love riding my motorcycle.
Angela Bourne E-Commerce Manager
Sahar Oreyzi
Someday I am going to visit New York.
Sahar Oreyzi (Tehran) E-Commerce Team & Search
Ceralene Lizotte
One of my hobbies is painting portraits of people's pets.
Ceralene Lizotte Channel Sales Coordinator
Kate Bourne
I love taking walks outside.
Kate Bourne Information Technology Manager
Will Bryan
I'm really good at making beats in Garage Band on my phone.
Will Bryan Information Technology
Edward Huang
I enjoy doing digital illustrations in my spare time.
Edward Huang Information Technology
Helix Leroy
I enjoy crocheting amigurumi.
Helix Leroy Information Technology
Charles Pelkey
I love muscle cars, programming and traveling.
Charles Pelkey Information Technology Web Developer
Venessa Starr
I am a Secret Ninja.
Venessa Starr Finance Manager
Rishi Rawat
Rishi Rawat Shopper Experience
Barbara Kelley
My family is so important to me.
Barbara Kelley Quality Assurance Technician
Jim Jones
Spending time on a kayak is one of my favorite things.
Jim Jones Engineer
Christina Cantara
I'm a comic book movie junkie. I Love Iron Man!
Christina Cantara Warehouse Manager
Jesse Santeufemio
I love buying car parts.
Jesse Santeufemio Production Controller
Travis Jette
I enjoy playing chess in my spare time.
Travis Jette Warehouse Supervisor
Wes Konopka
I enjoy petting my cow cat and drinking blueberry milk.
Wes Konopka Shipping & Receiving Supervisor
Abby Ellis
I have a horse named Pearl, who can smile on command.
Abby Ellis Shipping & Receiving
Brad Ellen
I'm a super nerd.
Brad Ellen Shipping & Receiving
Ericka Avery
I love the Boston Celtics and my dog.
Ericka Avery Warehouse & Receiving
Jim Bornas
I enjoy letterboxing with my family.
Jim Bornas Wheelchair Returns Tech
Denise Blier
I currently have 12 pets.
Denise Blier Warehouse & Assembly
Debbie Brazee
I love pool parties.
Debbie Brazee Warehouse & Assembly
Steven Gundlach
I like to go to concerts.
Steven Gundlach Warehouse & Assembly
Brandon Jones
I wear shorts all year around.
Brandon Jones Warehouse & Assembly
Caitlyn Mazza
I love to do crafts.
Caitlyn Mazza Warehouse & Assembly
Lori Porter
I like gardening.
Lori Porter Warehouse & Assembly
I love trying to catch frogs in the pond, but they are too quick!
Bella Puplick Relations
I love walking in the woods, and swimming in the ocean.
Edgar Warehouse Opawrator
I'm a small dog trapped in a large dog's body.
Ellie Furnancial Advisor
I'm bossier than my Mom.
Maple Pawject Manager
I like playing tag with neighborhood chipmunks and bunnies, but I am still "it".
Niko Office Mutterials Associate
My snout is a whopping four inches long.
Odie Pawresident
I'm a really good watchdog. Nothing gets by me!.
Piper Barketing Coordinator
From underwear to dishclothes... if it's not tied down, I steal it and run!
Twist Assistant Furector
My nickname is Chicken Nugget, because my Mom says I look like a McDonald's Chicken Nugget.
Winnie Customer Service Supawvisor
I guard my family's chicken coop.
Loki Pawchasing Manager
Maggie May
I have earned more than 10 titles, including dock diving.
Maggie May Infurmation Techpawlogy
I was named after Pink Floyd.
Floyd Pawduct Expert
I like to chase butterflies.
Oscar Pawduction Controller

The Walkin` Pets Team