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Walkin’ Wheels Front Neoprene Harness
Walkin’® Front Neoprene Harness: Front end lifting support, compatible with Full Support/4-Wheel Walkin’ Wheels.

Walkin’ Wheels Front Neoprene Harness

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Dog Wheelchair not included.



How to use on the Walkin’ Wheels Front Neoprene Harness


The Walkin’ Front Neoprene Harness provides lifting support for the front end of your dog. It is compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels 4-Wheel/Quad wheelchair, sizes small and medium, for use instead of the front Leg Rings.

  • Ideal for dogs under 45 lbs.
  • Compatible with 4-Wheel/Quad Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, sizes small and medium.
  • Dog steps into harness, which is pulled up and buckled over dog’s back.
  • Adjustable handles included for use when dog is not in wheelchair.
  • Provides extra support and comfort for your dog instead of Leg Rings.
  • Provides owner with lifting support for dog’s front end when not in wheelchair.
  • Durable neoprene material.
  • Machine washable; hang dry.


Neoprene measurement
Size Front Leg Girth to
Shoulder Blade
XSmall 10 – 12″ /
25.4 – 30.5 cm
Dogs 8 – 15 lbs
Small  12 – 14″ /
30.5 – 35.6 cm
Dogs 15 – 25 lbs
Medium 12.5 – 14.5″ /
31.8 – 36.8 cm
Dogs 22 – 35 lbs
Med/Large 14 – 16″ /
35.6 – 40.6 cm
Dogs 35 – 45 lbs



Front legs step into pre-cut holes

Front legs step into pre-cut holes.

Buckle harness over the dog’s back

Pull up harness and buckle over dog’s back.

Four harness clips attached to the silver pegs

Pull harness clips up and over wheelchair frame and snap in place
(two clips on each side).


Attach handles to rings to lift dog.


Walkin’ Wheels Front Neoprene Harness pet photos, sent in by happy customers!

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