At Walkin’ Pets, we strive to deliver the highest quality products for your pets. If you are reading this, then we owe you a huge THANK YOU for choosing us and becoming a part of our family. As part of our family, we are here for you every step of the way. Did your product not fit? Do you need something different? If you’re not sure and want to talk with us, give us a call or send us a message, we would love to speak with you!

We understand that having an elderly, disabled or handicapped pet comes with many unknowns. We want to help make things as easy as possible.

We accept returns and exchanges for all of our products as long as they are returned within 30 days of receiving them in like new condition with all parts and pieces included. What does “like new” mean? It means that you return the product like you received it. Use a lint roller and remove the hair before shipping it back to us. Try the product on indoors to avoid dirt. You can use a sock or t-shirt to keep the product clean too! Package the product with care. Protect all parts from rubbing against each other or from potential shipping damage.

Upon arriving back at Walkin’ Pets, every returned item, even those in new condition, are closely inspected. Allowing us to maintain the highest level of care and ensure that every item we ship out is perfect for the next pet. What happens if the product is returned dirty, missing parts or damaged? Our returns department will need to clean/buff/fix/replace if necessary. That requires resources, so you will be charged a restocking fee. If the return is refused due to its condition, we will contact you to discuss and provide photos. If you’re not sure about how to use the product or how the policy applies to the product, please reach out to us and we can help!

  • Call us at 1-888-253-0777 (M-Th 8am-6pm or Fri 8am-5pm EST)
  • Email us by clicking here
  • Filling out the form below
    • Download and print the Wheelchair Parts Checklist to ensure you’re not missing anything
    • Videos on how to keep products like new/clean/package for return

    How to Repackage MINI Walkin’ Wheels


    How to Repackage the Seafoam Walkin’ Wheels


    Repackage the MEDIUM Walkin’ Wheels – 4, 6, 8, 12 Inch Wheels!


    How to Repackage LARGE Walkin’ Wheels – 12 Inch Wheels


  • Return
  • Exchange
  • Store Credit

  • Request a return label from us
    • The cost of the label may be deducted from your refund. Ask us!
    • Use the return label within 15 days of receiving it
  • Use your own return label
    • Provide us with the tracking number
      • Refunds/Exchanges can be delayed if we do not have this information

  • Exchanges are processed within 2-4 business days of being received
    • Processing may be delayed if we cannot reach you for a balance due or question. Please be sure we have the best contact information available
  • Refunds/Store Credits are processed within 2 weeks of being received