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Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash

Product Details

How to put on the Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash


The Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash helps you give your dog a lift on the end that needs it most! This rear support leash is recommended for dogs weighing 20 pounds and up.

  • This rear support leash is a fast way to help your dog get up from a lying down position.
  • Steady pets who are unstable on their hind legs.
  • Easy way to assist aging, disabled, or injured dogs walk up/down stairs.
  • Adjustable leg pads and leash handle length.

Do NOT attempt to completely lift your dog’s legs off the ground with this leash!

This type of leash may be helpful if your pet has Degenerative Myelopathy; read this blog post for more information on DM.

Assembly & Usage Instructions

1. Lay the Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash
on the ground behind your dog.

2. One at a time, place a hind leg into each loop.

3. Raise the loops and adjust the pads
to fit comfortably underneath your dog.

4. Adjust the length of the leash handle so you
can comfortably assist your dog.


5. Hold the Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash above the dog’s hips,
not over the tail, to provide optimal support.


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