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Walkin' Drag Bag

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The Walkin’® Drag Bag for pets designed to keep your disabled pet comfortable wherever they go. The Walkin’ Pet Drap Bag surrounds your dogs paralyzed limps and provides a barrier, protecting your disabled pet’s rear limbs and the chest from scraping against flooring when not in a wheelchair.

  • Protects the chest and rear limbs from dragging injuries.
  • Protects your pet’s sensitive skin from abrasions caused by carpets, flooring, and rough surfaces.
  • Chest and neck panels lined with soft, comfy fleece.
  • Allows rear paralyzed pets to move around the house with ease.
  • Breathable mesh panel in bag allows for ventilation.
  • If incontinent: can be worn with a diaper, keeps bedding and blankets dry.

Quality Construction

  • Made of durable nylon.
  • Machine washable, hang dry.
  • Bright blue color comes in a mesh bag.
  • Available in seven different sizes to accommodate pets of all builds.

Perfect for when your pet is not using their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

How to Choose the Right Size

The weight of the dog on the sizing guide is for reference only. Every dog is shaped differently, and we recommend using the length measurement as your primary measurement.

When measuring start at the base of the rib cage. Every dog positions their legs differently, and this can change the size drag bag your pet needs. If your pet’s legs extend behind them as they drag measure to the tips of their toes, if your dog sits on their legs as they scoot, measure to the end of the rump.

If your pet falls between sizes and you need help choosing the correct size, please call our Customer Service team at 888-253-0777.

Drag Bag Measurement

The length measurement is from the elastic to end of bag.

Size Weight Length
XXSmall 4 – 9 lbs 10″
XSmall  9 – 12 lbs 12″
Small  10 – 19 lbs 14″
Medium 20 – 30 lbs 16.5″
Large 31 – 45 lbs 20″
XLarge 45 – 65 lbs 24″
XXLarge 65 – 80 lbs 30″

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Walkin’ Drag Bag pet photos, sent in by happy customers!

Watch these videos of pets enjoying their Walkin’ Drag Bag!

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