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Pet Health

Walkin’ Pets believes in pet health. Whether you need supplements or have a blind or incontinent pet, we have the products you need.

  • Beezleys ButterBeezleys Butter

    Beezleys Butter

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    • Conditions & softens dog paws
    • Hydrate dry noses & paw pads
    • Made of all-natural ingredients
    • 2.5 oz container
  • 1. Dragbag JeroymoaiDrag Bags for Dogs
    • Designed to protect rear paralyzed legs
    • Protects from sores caused by scrapping
    • Great for when not using Walkin’ Wheels
    • Can be used for incontinent pets
  • Walkin' Blind Dog HaloWalkin' Blind Dog Halo
    • Allows dog to navigate space without injury
    • Helps build dog’s confidence
    • Aids pet’s with poor vision
    • Halo is lightweight & flexible
  • Scooter MistiScooter Misti Run
    • Indoor mobility solution
    • Glide around corners & doorways
    • Easily maneuver in any direction
    • Moves easily on multiple flooring types
  • Walkin' vertebraVe LouieWalkin' vertebraVe Odie
    • Designed to stabilize the spine & alleviate pressure
    • Stabilize back from above and below
    • Patented two-tier spinal support
    • Helps regain mobility
  • Walkin' Hip-EEZ Support System RozeWalkin' Hip-EEZ Amputee System Maizy
    • Support your pet's hip joint through use of compression & support.
    • First ever pet hip support to provide support to hind leg amputees
    • Interchangeable attachments to support multiple hip conditions
    • Supports pets with Hip Dysplasia & Arthritis
  • Disposable Pet DiaperDisposable Pet Diaper
    • Great for incontinence
    • Features elastic, no leak and resealable tape
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • For dogs up to 45 lbs
  • Peepers Male WrapPeepers Male Wrap
    • Belly band for incontinent male dogs
    • Wraps around belly
    • Prevents urine from ruining carpet/furniture
    • Made of water-resistant polyester
  • SleePee Time BedSleePee Time Bed
    • Elevated bed, easy to step in or out of
    • Urine flows through mesh to sturdy tray underneath
    • Fleece bolsters for comfort
    • Available in 2 sizes
  • Sleepee Time Bed CushionsSleepee Time Bed Cushions
    • Replacement cushions for SleePee Time Bed
    • Fleece bolster designed for warmth
    • Provides comfort & security on all sides
    • Easily removed for hand washing
  • Sleepee Time Bed MeshSleepee Time Bed Mesh
    • Replacement mesh for SleePee Time Bed
    • Vinyl coated polyester fiber mesh
    • Easy to wipe clean
    • Available in 2 sizes
  • Puppy in DiaperXXS_ Package
    • Water-resistant jersey fabric
    • Comfortable fit, with elastic legs and belly
    • Designed to be reusable & washable
    • Absorbent mesh liner for leak protection
  • pet suspendersDiaper Suspenders Brown
    • Keeps disposable diapers in place
    • Touch fastener closures allow for adjustability
    • Available in Black or Brown
    • Available in 3 sizes