Blind Dog Halo

AMHERST, NH (November 17, 2017)Walkin’ Pets by has just come out with a new product for blind dogs: the Blind Dog Halo. This product allows visually impaired dogs to navigate their surroundings more easily and regain their confidence. Canine vision loss can be due to glaucoma, retinal diseases such as SARDS, cataracts, or trauma. The complications of diabetes can also contribute to blindness in dogs.

The Blind Dog Halo, a lightweight halo attached to a comfortable harness/vest, gives dogs a way to overcome their fear of hurting themselves by bumping into unseen objects or walls, since the halo will bump into things first! This helps to restore a blind dog’s sense of security, so the dog can participate in everyday activities again.

For more information and a video of the Blind Dog Halo in action, go to this webpage:

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