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Walkin’ Wheels CORGI Dog Wheelchair

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Walkin' Wheels Corgi

Product Details

Watch dogs using CORGI Walkin’ Wheels!


  • On Sale: Rear Wheelchairs $50 OFF
  • Fits Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi breeds.
  • Only two measurements required.
  • Fully adjustable in height, length, and width.
  • Fits pets weighing from 11 to 39 pounds.
  • Wheelchair Frame made of durable, lightweight extruded aluminum.
  • Easy to resell because it can be adjusted and used on other Corgi dogs.
  • All wheelchair parts are washable.
  • Available in Pink or Blue or Camo ($25 additional charge for designer color CAMO)
  • Typically ships same day; overnight and international shipping available.
  • Great customer service for any follow up or questions.
  • CORGI Full Support/4-Wheel wheelchair also available.

Product Specifications

What's in the Box Corgi Wheelchair

What’s In the Box?

  • 1 Frame
  • 1 set of 8″ Foam Wheels Attached to 6″or 9” Struts
  • 1 set of Extenders
  • 2 connectors (7″ installed + 10″)
  • 1 medium Front Harness with Sleeves
  • 1 set Leg Rings Rear Support Saddle
  • 1 medium Belly Belt
  • 2 Stirrups
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 DVD
  • 1 Tool kit

Corgi Wheelchair Frame


The frame is blue, camo, or pink powder-coated aluminum. It will not bend, break, or rust. Black knuckles are on each side of the frame, which hold the leg of the wheelchair to the frame. The wheels/struts will be inserted into the leg and adjusted to the proper height. The knuckle has a high and low setting which can be adjusted with a Phillips screwdriver (see DVD instructions).

Width Connectors

Width Connectors:

Your wheelchair will come with two width connectors (7″ and 10″). The 7” is already installed in the back of your cart. If you need more width, the wheelchair comes equipped with a longer connector in the box.

Corgi Length Extenders

Length Extenders:

Your wheelchair will come with two extenders (side rails) installed, which determine the length of your dog. The length of the extender should end in the middle of the dog’s front leg. It should not pass the front leg.

Front Harness for Medium Wheelchair

The Front Harness

The side panels will be positioned at the shoulder blades. The red strap goes under the dog’s chest, behind the front legs. The comfort sleeves may be removed to make sizing adjustments. The excess strapping will be tucked into the comfort sleeves. If the comfort sleeves are too long, they may be cut in half.

Leg Rings

Leg Rings 11″:

This is the support system for the dog’s hindquarters. The foam tubes are attached with a Velcro piece of material in the middle. Each end of the foam tube has a clip that locks into the frame. The dog’s legs will go through each loop. Excess strapping crosses over the dog’s back or used as handles.

Foam Wheels

Wheels & Struts:

The wheels are attached to a metal piece called a “strut,” attached to 8” wheels, which are great for all terrains. They feature a dense foam interior with an outer rubber layer. These wheels will not puncture, wear extremely well, and are easy to clean.

Belly Belt

Belly Belt:

The belly belt will help support dogs with back injuries, disc issues, long backs, or obesity. The belt attaches to the wheelchair, goes under the belly, and attaches to the other side. It is not always necessary to use the belly belt.


Stirrups 8″:

Stirrups are used to hold the dog’s legs off the ground so they don’t drag due to paralysis, knuckling under, or foot injuries. The stirrups are positioned to hold the foot up at the hock. If your dog doesn’t need them, the stirrups may be removed from the wheelchair.

Corgi Manual

The Manual:

The manual gives instructions and tips on assembling and using the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair.

Tool Kit

Tool Kit:

The tool kit comes in a plastic bag and includes and Allen wrench and set screws. The (optional) set screws may be used to tighten up the wheelchair frame and reduce flexibility, depending on your preference.

How to choose the right size

#1) Measure the Rear Leg Height to the toe pad, ideally when your pet is laying down, as shown below. Do not pull the leg tight; leave some natural bend.

dog wheelchair Small fold of flank

Rear Leg Height Weight
3-7″ 11-39 lbs
8-10″ 11-39 lbs
11-15" 11-39 lbs
7-9" 40-150 lbs
10-13" 40-150 lbs

Using our SureFit® Calculator? Enter your pet’s Rear Leg Height, Weight and Breed to get the perfect wheelchair configuration for your pet.

Watch How to Measure Your Pet’s Rear Leg Height Video!


Assembly & Usage Instructions

For help assembling the Walkin’ Wheels, putting your dog into it, making adjustments, or getting your dog used to it, here are a variety of resources:

Please note: CORGI Walkin’ Wheels instructions and manual are the same as for the SMALL Walkin’ Wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we highly recommend purchasing the Belly Support (size small) for additional back or disc issues.

No, CORGI Walkin’ Wheels are not currently available on Amazon.

Yes, that’s the point of the dog wheelchair — to help your dog get the exercise he needs and do his business.



No. Our wheelchair is designed NEVER to collapse on the dog’s leg or spine. We’ve gone to great lengths to be sure of it. The wheelchairs are designed with the help of veterinarians and rehabilitation specialists to hold the dog up, keeping the spine and legs in the optimal position for safety and healing.

What’s more, the purpose of the wheelchair is to give the dog exercise and the freedom to go outside and do his business. When the dog is tired, you should not leave him in the wheelchair.

The reviews we have seen of the experimental sit-down spring-loaded style have not been positive. Although we have done a great deal of research, we have not found a safe way for a wheelchair to collapse while holding a dog.

Yes. The Walkin’ Wheels is designed to be used both indoors and outside. If your paralyzed pet needs an indoor mobility solution that can be worn for extended periods of time, we recommend the Walkin’ Scooter.

For a Corgi, it is OK for them to take a rest up against a pillow or bed, because their legs are so short. Otherwise, it is not recommended, due to back or disc issues that could worsen by laying down in the wheelchair.

Yes, we encourage your dog to use his/her rear legs to maintain muscle mass and to get exercise. If they are paralyzed, then the stirrups will keep their legs from dragging.

All wheelchair orders placed prior to 12Noon EST Monday through Friday will ship the same day. Shipping time can range from one to five business days. Express shipping options are also available.

We have seen varying degrees of recovery with dogs using the wheelchair. Some dogs have been able to improve so much that they no longer needed the wheelchair. Each dog and its disabilities are unique. While your dog is in the wheelchair, he is getting physical exercise and improving his physical and mental health.

It is our intention that every Walkin’ Wheels user be happy with their wheelchair. If you experience problems, please call us. Often we can help with a simple adjustment. Please click here for full return policy.

Shipping Details

  • Orders typically ship same day: orders must be placed by 12Noon EST, or 9AM PST for same day shipping.
  • Overnight shipping available. 
  • International shipping available.
  • When you select our free shipping option, our shipping method is UPS Ground, which is 1-5 business days, depending on location.
  • If you need a guaranteed shipping time, please select from additional shipping options at checkout.
  • Delivery is 1 to 5 business days for Walkin’ Wheels in the contiguous U.S. and Alaska

Shipping Map

Product Photos & Videos

CORGI Walkin’ Wheels pet photos, sent in by happy customers!

Select a photo to view full size.

Watch these videos of pets enjoying their CORGI Walkin’ Wheels!



To watch an instructional video for the Walkin’ Wheels CORGI Dog Wheelchair, go to the Instructions section.

Watch more videos of pets using Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs.

Product Reviews

Chico Plays Again!

Chico used to be very athletic ­ he would run and jump to catch his Frisbee. He would roll it on its side in a full circle, and could also flip it onto his head and balance it as he ran. Playing Frisbee is what Chico lives for. A few months ago, at the age of 11 1⁄2, DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) began to take away Chico’s use of his back legs. He became frustrated and eventually depressed over this big change in his life.

After researching several dog wheelchairs, I decided to buy the Walkin’ Wheels for Chico because it is so adjustable. A front unit can be added if your dog becomes fully immobile, and skis can replace the back wheels during the winter. It was a little bit of a challenge putting it together; since it is such a unique product, I had to actually read the instructions. Once I got the hang of it, it was easy to adjust the wheelchair to Chico’s size. I was impressed that additional pieces were included to make the chair longer if needed, along with a bag to store the accessories in. Chico adapted to the wheels very quickly.

He was running and smiling the first time we tried the wheels on outside. He loves that he can play his favorite Frisbee games again! The endorphin’s carry him through the day – he is like the old Chico again. It will take some time to rebuild his strength and endurance, but I think he will eventually get back to flipping the Frisbee onto his head. Seeing Chico so happy was definitely worth the price of the wheelchair.

Carol, Chico’s Owner


Dog Loves the Beach

Myles will soon to be 9 years old. He is actually my girlfriend’s dog, @kendalllwilsonnn, and she’s had him since he was a young pup. About two years ago or so, he fell/was spooked off the back of a sofa couch and injured his spine, causing paralysis to his lower body/back legs. Due to his legs being paralyzed, the dog wheels were a no-brainer.

His first set of wheels [not a Walkin’ Wheels] were falling apart and not the best for his size and posture. So this year we started a GoFundMe and were able to raise enough money for a new set — a Walkin’ Wheels — which is what he rolls in now! We raised the money within two hours, thanks to the help of family, friends, and the community here in Ocean Beach. Myles is very loved and known in our beach town.

Apart from new wheels this past year, Myles also gained a little sister, Malu! And thanks to his new awesome wheels, he is more comfortable and willing to chase around and play. He loves the beach and never stops smiling.

Abe @madmaxmyles

Myles Corgi Wheelchair Review

Corgi Has Freedom Despite IVDD

Nabi is a four-year-old Corgi who suffered from IVDD last year. She received emergency surgery, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. Nabi is a spunky, full of spirit and joy. Being handicapped doesn’t stop her from enjoying her days and being happy. She loves to go outside and run around in her Walkin’ Wheels; they have given her her freedom back, and they allow her to play with other dogs again. She has a happy howl that brings an instant smile to your face and fills your heart with joy!

Maria C., @rsvp9961 on Instagram

Nabi Corgi Wheelchair Review

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