Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint: the Professional Solution

The Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint is the newest innovation in pet splints. This versatile splint features an adjustable angle to accommodate a pet’s front or back leg and easy width adjustment for a customized fit. Sizing, sourcing, and stocking splints to accommodate different dogs and conditions is a considerable challenge. The Walkin’ Fit Splint eliminates these struggles. Pet Care Professionals no longer need to stock multiple splints or struggle with the delay of custom ordering braces. The Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint allows pet professionals to appropriately size and immediately fit every patient.

Easy to Use and Easy to Adjust

Large white dog wears adjustable splint on hind leg

Providing lower leg support to the hock or carpal joints and under the paw. Stabilizing joints suffering from arthritis and injuries.

The Walkin’ Fit helps promote healing during physical therapy and recovery for a wide range of conditions.

Adjustable Angle

With its easy-to-use angle adjustment, the Walkin’ Fit can be used on a pet’s front or rear legs. Adjust the angle of the splint to keep the pet’s leg in a comfortable and normal walking position. The angle can also be adjusted to accommodate any conformational deformities.

adjustable dog brace

Front Leg Angle Setting: Typically set at 10-degree setting (second notch)

Rear Leg Angle Setting: Typically set at 30-degree setting (middle notch)

To adjust the splint angle, loosen the two adjustment knobs on either side until unlocked. Angle adjusts in 10-degree increments. Position angle as needed and tighten knobs to lock adjustment in place.

Tip: Angle adjustment must be the first adjustment made.

Adjustable Width

The Walkin’ Fit adjusts to fit any width leg, even the hard-to-fit cases. Provide a custom fit for each patient while accommodating their needs and individual treatment plan. For patients with swollen joints or bandaged limbs, widen the splint to accommodate the extra girth without compromising joint stabilization.

To adjust splint width: use included Allen Key to make small, and even adjustments on each screw. Start at the top and work your way down. Loosen screws to widen and tighten screws to narrow.

The Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint is designed for Professional Use only. Please work with your Pet Care Professional to perfectly size and adjust your pet’s splint.

Pet Care Professional Use

The Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint is the ideal splint solution for in-practice use for Veterinary and Rehab professionals. The patented adjustability allows for multi-patient use and allows you to fit patients on the spot. The Walkin’ Fit can be carried in the hospital and sold directly to clients for quick treatment.

Clinical and Professional Uses Include:

Adjustable Pet Splint for Bandaged Leg
  • Patient specific anatomic considerations, such as “posty” or “low” conformation
  • Can re-establish range of motion slowly
  • Wound management aide
  • Tibiotarsal instability or Collateral ligament injuries – either medically managed or in recover/early mobilization phase post-op
  • CCT mechanism injury assistance
  • Widen to accommodate swollen joints or bandaged limbs
  • Post-Surgical Protection
  • In practice multi-patient use

Perfect Fit Solution for Every Patient

Adjustable Splint for All Sized Dogs

Constructed of lightweight, durable plastic, the Walkin’ Fit is padded with an inner foam lining for comfortable everyday wear. The adjustable touch fastener straps allow for easy-on and easy-off use. Perfect for daily wound care management and quick bandage changes. The Walkin’ Fit Splint can accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. Amazing content thanks so much. I thought I would share this with other dog lovers as this has really helped my dogs behaviour improve and I swear by it now. It has literally changed my dogs behaviour for the better so I just had to share and let others know how good it is.

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