Tips To Find the Right Dog-Friendly Hotel

According to research, 85% of dog owners in America consider their dog to be a family member. Many of these pet owners prefer to take their dogs with them when they go on a vacation. If you are planning to stay at a hotel then make sure it is dog-friendly. Here are a few tips to help you find dog-friendly accommodation.

1. Select the Right Hotel that Provides Essentials

dog at pet-friendly hotel

One of the main things you need to do is to choose a hotel that provides pet essentials. There are certain things you need you’ll need to bring with your dog no matter where you go. This includes food, bedding, treats, and more.

Unfortunately, you’ll never travel light with a dog. You may find that your dog has more luggage than you do! Because of this, anything you can do to lighten the load is worth it. A good way to lighten the load is by prioritizing a hotel that provides a doggy “welcome pack” that gives you some heavy and bulky essentials like a water and food bowl, bags, treats, and more. A lot of dog-friendly hotels will offer this.

2. Free Treats

You always want to look out for treat jars. Any hotels that accept dogs that are worth staying at are going to have a lot of different treats laid out for dogs at the hotel. Likewise, they will also have water bowls available. Some of the hotels you visit may have specialty items like dog beer and dog menus! These hotels can get very creative and make things fun for you and your dog.

3. Full Access

Disabled dog takes wheelchair to the beach

In general, you cannot bring your dog into a formal restaurant at a hotel. However, they are typically allowed in the waiting areas or the lounge area. You want to let the staff know if you plan on going to eat with your dog. That way, they can set you up with an area to enjoy a meal with your dog.

You always want to check on any rules about leaving your dog unattended. The majority of hotels will have a rule where you need to be there with your dog at all times. Whereas, some hotels may allow you to keep your dog in your room sleeping while you go out for dinner.

4. Bathroom Breaks

You can make your dog feel at home anywhere that has a garden. It’s only better if it’s enclosed. You want to find a hotel that has a good amount of space to explore. Figure out how convenient and accessible it will be to walk your dog for a quick bathroom break. Typically, rooms on the ground floor can be more convenient. After all, who wants to have to trek down 4 flights of stairs at midnight?

5. Figure Out the Extra Fees

You will find a lot of hotels will have ambiguous fees. However, a lot of them will have fair and transparent fees. You want to figure out if they charge extra for cleaning costs and more. Figure out if you have to pay extra to bring your dog along. As long as you go into it knowing the fees, you should feel good about your stay.

6. Find the Local Attractions

Dog in wheelchair visits the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Everyone is going to need to walk with their dog during their stay. Because of this, you want to check out to see what’s nearby. You want to look to see what you can enjoy with your dog on your walks.

Some of the hotels will have folders of fun things to do. They will have a lot of hidden treasures like dog parks nearby. It’s always a good idea to figure out what is nearby before choosing a hotel. You can ask the staff for information and recommendations too.

7. Playmates

It’s always a good idea to see whether or not the dog-friendly hotel has a resident dog. This can be an easy way to ensure your dog has a good time. Not only does this mean the hotel is likely to be very dog-friendly, but it also means your dog instantly has someone they can play with during your stay.

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