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The Animal Pad on Year-Long Quest to Find Bebe Her Forever Home!

Only two years old, Bebe has never had a home of her own. For over a year, Bebe has called the San Diego-based shelter, The Animal Pad, home. In her time with the rescue, Bebe has had zero applications, and she marks the longest time a single dog has ever been in the care of The Animal Pad! 

Meet Bebe, the Double Amputee 

Double amputee rescue dog available for adoption
After a year, Bebe is the longest resident ever at The Animal Pad.

When Bebe was only a few months old, she was abandoned at a veterinary office in Guadalupe, Mexico. For the next several months, Bebe lived at the Vet’s office and was left in a crate. During that time, Bebe was unable to exercise, and her back legs became atrophied. As a result, she slowly lost all movement in her hind legs. Finally, the Animal Pad swooped in to save Bebe and bring her back with them to the United States, where she could receive the medical care she so desperately needed. 

Once Bebe was safe with The Animal Pad, she was able to get the medical care and love that she so desperately needed. Her veterinary team determined that her back legs were unable to be saved and recommended a double amputation to give Bebe the best quality of life.

Bebe Deserves a Wheelie Good Life

Bebe the rescue dog from The Animal Pad
Help Bebe and The Animal Pad to find her forever family!

Through all of the ups and downs, this young German Shepherd/Husky mix has never let anything stop her!

After Bebe recovered from her surgery, The Animal Pad got Bebe her first Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.  The rescue says, ““She can race you in those wheels . . . A 3-miler is NOTHING for this girl! When she sees her ‘chariot’ being brought out, she knows it’s time for some fun.” Bebe is an active, happy dog – the only thing she needs is to find her forever home. 

Interested in Adopting Bebe?

After a year without any interest from possible adopters, The Animal Pad is asking for help! For more information about Bebe and the adoption process, please contact the Animal Pad through their website. The ideal home for Bebe could be in the San Diego area or anywhere. She’s looking for a loving, compassionate family that can give her all the attention and care she needs, including physical therapy.

Watch Bebe Run in Wheels

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  1. I would very much love to adopt a handicapped dog. My husband and I adore all animals. We have a large yard and all our love would make any animal feel love, joy and happiness ❤️

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