7 Tips for Responsible Pitbull Ownership

Pitbulls are perceived as vicious and scary. They are not your average pet dogs. The image that revolves around them is not entirely their fault. Pitbulls were considered war heroes and were welcoming dogs. But how did this image change in such a drastic manner?

Pitbulls (in general) can be welcoming dogs but only when trained in the right hands. These days dog owners train them as bullies, and that’s why (like any other dog), they turn out to be aggressive.

Not every Pit Bull is aggressive or dangerous. The Blue Fawn Pitbull, regardless of its inadequate training, will not show aggressiveness.

So, where does the problem reside? The problem is with the owners who don’t train them efficiently, and the dogs turn out to be bullies.

With the proper training, they can become quite docile and loving dogs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when training your Pit Bull.

Always Keep a Leash

Many owners leave their Pitbulls alone or leash-free. This endangers the dog itself but also the people and dogs in its surroundings.

When people see a Pit Bull roaming free, they automatically perceive it as dangerous and out of control. They don’t hesitate to call the cops or the animal control.

Pitbulls generally also have a tendency to fight other dogs. Unlike the Poodles or the Golden Retrievers, who can indulge in non-leashed activities, Pitbulls cannot. Given a chance, they will jump onto the other dogs.

So, it’s best not to leave your dog unsupervised in a non-fenced area.

Spay or Neuter Your Pitbull

Being the responsible owner of a Pit Bull (if you don’t plan on breeding your dog), you must neuter or spay it (preferably) around six months of age. Any type of dog will get aggressive if they have its reproductive organs. They tend to run loose and can harm other dogs.

Neutered dogs are easy to train and are less volatile. They lead a healthy and stable life. Without the fluctuations of hormones, they remain docile and don’t run amok in the moment of heat.

Socializing With Care

Have you ever been to a dog park as a dog owner? If yes, you must have noticed how a dog sometimes runs loose and spirals out of control. With Pitbulls, it can happen quite often. Pitbulls, when tired and agitated, can easily land into fights with other dogs at such places. So, it’s best to avoid dog parks.

Instead, you should socialize your Pitbull in a controlled environment, such as attending suitable behavior dog classes or a small play date with well-mannered dogs. Good socializing can create a good sense of awareness within your dog. It will likely go out of control and react less to unforeseen situations.

Supervision Around Children

This is one sector where you can’t compromise at any cost. It would help if you supervised your dogs near small children. When agitated, a Pitbull can harm your child. It can scratch and injure the children. While playing with them, children can often (out of innocence) agitate the dogs.

A ruffled pit bull is bad news. So, ensure you don’t leave your children unsupervised near the dog.

Daily Exercise is a Must

A well-exercised Pit Bull is a happy pit bull. Pitbulls are high-energy dogs and require a daily dose of exercise and fun. Lack of exercise can lead to stress, anxiousness, and agitated mood. An hour of daily activity can help keep a Pitbull calm and rested.

Leash Laws

As a dog owner, you should be aware of your locality’s leash laws and be mindful of them. It can keep your dog safe. And it will less likely fall into trouble.

Be Mindful of Dog-Aggression

Pitbulls are strong and can be aggressive around unfamiliar dogs. It is in their nature, and you must accept it and act accordingly. Never let your dog roam freely around unfamiliar dogs, at least not without proper introductions.

The key to understanding what triggers your dog and being mindful of that. Try avoiding situations where your dog might run loose and attack other dogs.

Advice for New Owners

For new pitbull owners, all of this can be a bit overwhelming. But proper guidance and understanding of the needs of your young Pit Bull can help solve half of your problems.

You can try to neuter or spay your dog at a young age. It will be a relief in the long run. Careful socializing and avoiding unnecessary contact with other dogs will decrease the tendency of dog aggressiveness.

A good routine for exercise from the very beginning can help your dog grow into a peaceful, caring, and stable pet.


Pitbulls are not as scary and aggressive as the world perceives them. With the proper training and motives, they can turn out to be docile, friendly, and stable as any other dog. As dog owners, we must train them properly – for their safety and the safety of others.

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