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5 Effective Ways to Prevent Pet Back Injuries

Corgi wheelchair

Many of us can know how debilitating back pain can be. How that sudden and sharp pain can affect your day, the choices your make and even how you move. Choosing to skip many of our daily activities to avoid its sharp sting.

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only species in the animal kingdom that share a bite of this pain; our canine counterparts, the dogs as well as many other pets, also do. However, unless noticed by the owner, these pets could spend the rest of their lives nursing this pain. The best way to handle your dog’s back pain or back injury is to learn how to prevent them.

How to Prevent Canine Back Injuries

1. Manage Your Pet’s Weight

Your pet’s obesity could cause many health problems, including placing additional stress to the spine. An overweight pet carries a higher risk of injuring their back or spine.

Is My Pet Overweight?

Overweight Cat

To determine if your pet is obese, look at your pet from above, place your hands at their waist behind the ribcage.  could be an indication it is in a healthy weight range. A healthy pet should have little fat around the rib cage. If you can’t feel the rib cages; your pet is above the normal weight range.

If your pet is overweight, taking necessary precautions. Cut down on the special treats you give it and switch to a healthier diet. This is the first step to eliminating those extra pounds from your pet.

2. Avoid Slippery Surfaces

Traction Socks for Paw Protection

To keep your pet safe from a slip and fall back injury. Make sure the pet’s environment is always dry. Pay attention to where your pet rests or takes a nap. Although getting a sleek floor might be challenging, consider using a rug or traction socks to help your pet get a grip.

Tip: Keep your pet’s nails short. Short nails help your pet maintain a normal gait and healthy posture.

3. Exercise Your Pet Daily

dog harness

Regular exercise helps to strengthens your pet’s lower back, arms and leg muscles. Resulting in better control of the body and helps your pet with their posture.

The amount of exercise needed will vary depending on your pet. For instance, dogs require more exercise than cats. Dogs require longer walk cats, most dogs require between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise daily, but this can vary by breed and age. So, get familiar with the kind of exercises that suit your dog and implement them.

4. Pain Management

Dog back brace supports spine and alleviate back pain.

Many major back injuries can stem from a small strain or existing injury. Be aware of your dog’s movement and keep an eye out for potential injury. A back brace may help limit your dog’s range of motion, provide back pain relief, while also stabilizing an injured spine.

If your dog is in severe pain, work with your veterinarian to determine if pain medications is necessary. Not ready for paid meds? Ask if there is an alternative pain treatment, for instance, orally administering cbd oil for dogs.

Tip: a back brace can help to limit your dog’s back pain and prevent further back injuries or strain.

5. Limit Jumping

A pet that loves to jump off the couch or furniture, is at a higher risk of sustaining a back injury. So, when necessary, limit the number of jumps it makes in a day. But, that’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Praise your dog when they have all four paws on the floor or train them to ask to be picked up or put down.

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