Talking to the Papillon (& Pomeranian) Rescue of the North East

Kelly Arsenault, the founder and president of, talks to Mark Robinson about rescuing Papillons and Pomeranians on the “Happy, Healthy Pets” radio podcast. They were joined by Bryanna Santoro, a Jr. volunteer at P.R.O.N.E. who donates her time to the rescue.


     This is Sterling, one of Kelly’s Papillons.

From Foster to Forever

All of the dogs at PRONE are given the dental and medical care they need. They are also spayed and neutered.

The rescued dogs are placed in carefully screened foster homes, where they can develop trust again. Sometimes the foster family falls in love and decides to adopt the dog! Otherwise, when the dogs are ready, they are put up for adoption into forever homes.

PRONE rescues about 30 dogs each year. People interested in learning more about adopting one of the dogs cared for by P.R.O.N.E. can go to their website.

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