How to Protect Pets from Fleas

Having pets can improve your life in many ways. When you decide to look after a dog or cat, expect that you’ll be encouraged to exercise often and mingle with new people. Having pets can also teach you important life lessons, such as patience, compassion, and commitment. 

And, while beneficial, being a pet owner isn’t a walk in the park because you’ll have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. Being a pet owner means making sure that your pets stay healthy and happy, and you can only achieve this goal if you know how to protect your pets from fleas, which can cause pain and discomfort.

To ensure that none of these happen, protect your pets from fleas through the following:

1. Regularly Bathe Your Pets

bathing a small dog

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your pets are free from fleas is to regularly bathe them. Make sure that you give your pets a good bath at least twice a week to remove all dirt and mud. The more frequent your pets spend time outdoors, the more thorough their baths should be. 

In addition to regular bathing, make sure that you’re only using the right types of shampoos on your pets. You can also choose to use shampoos that are specifically made to remove or prevent fleas from thriving on your pets’ fur or skin. Follow the directions stated in the label and avoid getting the product into your pets’ eyes to prevent irritation.

2. Administer Flea Medicine

If you’ve confirmed that your pets have fleas on their bodies, you need to consider giving your pets the right kind of medicine to prevent the problem from getting worse. However, you should prioritize knowing the right amount of flea medicine to give to your pets as this can affect their health and safety.

If you’re going to give them flea medicine, such as FleaMail, spend time reading and follow the instructions on the label. Some flea medications can lead side effects when used with other medications, so make sure that you read the instructions carefully.

If you’re not sure on how you can administer flea medications to your pets, then, it would be best to call a professional or bring your pets to the vet. They know how to deal with your pets’ flea problems and the best, most effective treatments for your animal companions.

3. Keep Your House Clean

Contrary to popular belief, protecting your pets from fleas will not only require you to look after their cleanliness. For you to be successful with your efforts, you should keep your house free from any flea feces as well.

When your pets shed their skin, they’ll leave behind a trail of their body hair that contains parasites and their eggs. Leaving your pets’ hairs lying around in your home will eventually attract fleas to live and multiply indoors.

If you notice that there’s a flea infestation in your house, immediately treat the infestation with the appropriate flea control treatment product. Remember, flea infestations in your home can affect your pets, and even the health and safety of your family, which is why you should treat the problem right away.

Aside from using effective solutions to your flea-related problem, keeping your home clean at all times also helps. Since you have pets at home, it’s vital that you regularly sweep the floors and vacuum the carpets to prevent their hairs from piling and attracting fleas.

4. Inspect Your Pets for Fleas After Going Out

Albert from Lucky Dawg Rescue

Pets need to spend time outdoors so they can exercise and stimulate their brains. Dogs, for example, should be taken on walks every single day as this can improve their social skills, decrease loneliness, and help in their weight management. However, although beneficial, allowing your pets to spend time outdoors can also make them susceptible to fleas. This is especially true if your pets love to socialize with other pets.

To protect your pets from fleas and ensure that fleas won’t ever enter your home, inspect your pets’ bodies after every walk. Never let them inside your house unless you’ve done it, and meticulously at that. The sooner you can detect fleas on your pets’ bodies, the easier it’ll be for you to treat the problem. 

It’s Easy When You Know How 

Protecting your pets from fleas is actually a very achievable task. As long as you follow all of the tips presented in this article, you won’t have any problems keeping your pets flea-free today and in the years to come! 

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