How To Introduce Your Dog To New People

How To Introduce Your Dog To New People

From anxiety to fear to pure joy, your dog can feel many emotions when guests arrive at your home. Understanding what emotion the barking and jumping stems from will help you make a plan. It will also assist you in knowing how to introduce your dog to new people when the opportunity arises.

Use a Harness

Using a front-mounting dog harness is beneficial for helping your dog when they’re struggling with mobility issues. Additionally, Walkin’ Pets’ front-mounted harness can help you maintain control over your dog’s actions by holding them and the harness close to you until they settle down. It will also help you to control them if they lunge at someone.

Separate Your Dog

It may be best to put the harness on before the arrival of any new people and separate your dog from where the guest enters. This way you have full control over the situation. Your dog can first see the person entering, and then once the initial excitement is brought down, you can hold the harness and bring them out of the separated area. This way you can hold onto them as they sniff the new arrival and ease them into the meeting.

Ease Into the Meeting

Sniffing is important to dogs, so they’ll need to be able to take time to evaluate your guests. Make sure that both your guest and your furry friend are comfortable before proceeding. Once the preliminaries are done and everyone is calm, let your dog wander a little bit on their own. They may continue to pay attention to your guest, or simply go and lay down. It depends on the dog and the situation.

Knowing how to introduce your dog to new people will allow you to respect both your dog’s and your guest’s boundaries. You will be playing the role of a mediator so the people who enter your home aren’t overwhelmed with a barking, jumping canine. Your dog will feel safer if you’re front and center when someone new enters their territory.

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