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How To Help Your Pup Recover From a Dog Attack

After an altercation between your dog and another, the first step is of course to seek medical attention for your dog. Any injuries or abrasions must be addressed immediately to prevent infection and to establish a plan for support and recovery. Here are a few suggestions for how to help your pup recover from a dog attack.

Supportive Equipment

Whether physical injuries or impairments are permanent or will heal with time, Walkin’ Pets supplies a variety of equipment for disabled dogs ranging from pet wheelchairs to support harnesses and braces. These apparatuses help your dog receive the physical support needed for healing, whether for short- or long-term effects.

Wound Care

Your animal medical professional will undoubtedly explain how to clean and dress any wounds or abrasions. If your dog received stitches, he may or may not have a cone placed over his head. It’s imperative you take proper care of wounds, whether that means cleaning them and redressing, letting them air out, or other instructions specified by your veterinarian.

Emotional Support

Just like humans, when dogs experience trauma they’ll have lasting emotional effects. Be cognizant of reluctancy to be around other canines. Every dog is different but being sensitive to your dog’s needs and feelings as they heal are important. Be sure to give extra love and emotional support. Spend some quality time together just talking to them and being with them as they mend. You don’t want any leftover fear to be a long-term battle for your dog. When easing them into situations with other dogs, pay close attention to body language and don’t push them harder than they’re ready to go.

When addressing how to help your pup recover from a dog attack, there are many ways to do so. These are a few of the most obvious, but you know your dog better than anyone. Listen to your intuition and help to support and comfort them however you can. Building trust and a feeling of safety can take time.

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