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Fostering Dogs Is a Great Help to Victims of Domestic Abuse

Fostering dogs is a very special way to be of service to dogs in need. But fostering pets who belong to victims of domestic abuse or violence has many added elements of service. Fostering those pets not only helps the animals, but it can be a vital way to assist people in desperate need. Fills a Special Need

Jordan Ross founded after experiencing a domestic violence situation and finding himself homeless with his beloved dog. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enable people in crisis to find pet care until they can be reunited. Margaret-Amelia Crook, marketing manager, recently spoke on the “Happy, Healthy Pets” radio podcast to talk about the organization’s work.

Serving as an umbrella organization, works to increase access to short-term fostering for pets belonging to domestic violence survivors. Although they now focus on the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the vision is to expand beyond that geographic focus.

When people find themselves in a potentially dangerous domestic situation, if they have to choose between safety for themselves or losing their pet, they might choose to stay in a violent situation. By giving people a way to place their pets in temporary foster homes, victims of domestic abuse have a positive alternative to remaining in an abusive situation.

Before You Consider Dog Foster

Fostering a dog or other pet is one of the most generous things a pet lover can do! Rescues across the country often do not have a facility of their own. They rely on foster families to help their rescue dogs. Foster families take care of the animal for a temporary time period, frequently helping to socialize, train, or rehabilitate the animal while in their care.

But before stepping up to foster a dog or other pet, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have the time to adequately care for the animal?
  2. Is your home pet friendly?
  3. Do you live in a place that has any pet restrictions?
  4. Are your children and/or pets ready for the addition of a foster?
  5. Will you be able to part with the animal when a permanent home is found?

Love and Let Go

Fostering a dog means being able to love and let go. Eventually letting go enables the foster family to go on to save more dogs.

As Mark Robinson says on the radio podcast,

“Fostering is the lifeblood of rescues.”

When fostering a dog belonging to a victim of domestic violence, the ability to love and let go is essential. These foster families reap the emotional rewards of knowing that their help has allowed someone to get help without losing their pet.

Help Is Always Needed

Margaret, of, speaks with gratitude for the people who foster the pets her organization serves. Those who donate to the cause are also greatly appreciated.

The organization recently hosted a pet fashion show fundraiser, which was tremendously successful!

fashion-show-for-dogs  dog-fashion-show

More Information

Fostering pets of owners in violent situations is a special calling, one filled with great purpose. If you would like to learn more about how you can help by fostering or donating ($200 will fund a foster dog for three months). You can also find resources, inspirational stories, and opportunities to partner with the organization on the site.

To hear the full radio podcast interview with Margaret, go to the “Fostering” episode on the Walkin’ Pets radio podcast webpage.

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