How to Make Sure Your Dog is Neighbor Friendly

You’ve signed the lease and picked up the keys to your new place. And while you might be eager about meeting your new neighbors, your dog may be a little anxious. Dogs are used to a set routine, and handicapped dogs especially might have a harder time adjusting to a new location. Fido might express himself by barking continuously while you’re gone or whining. And while there are plenty of dog lovers out there, not everybody likes loud dogs. Getting your pet neighbor friendly, may seem challenging, but here are a few simple ways to help your dog be a good neighbor.

Meet Your Neighbors

Introducing your pup to your neighbors can be stressful. But stopping to say hello to your neighbors while you’re walking your dog can help to ease any tensions. By chatting with your neighbors, you’ll find out if they love dogs or if there are any concerns or anxiety about your dog living in the neighborhood. Let your dog sniff out his new surroundings. It’s a great way to find out if there are other dogs in the community and set up walks or play dates.

Training Starts at Home

Great dane in wheelchair walks in neighborhood

A well-behaved dog will make it easier for you to have a better relationship with your neighbors. You don’t want Buddy growling or barking and startling your neighbor when he or she walks by. Train your dog not to bark constantly and don’t reward aggressive behavior. And NEVER allow your dog to jump up on a neighbor or passerby.

Keep in mind there may be a reason for a sudden change in your dog’s behavior. If your pooch has recently given birth or is older and suffering aches and pains, she may get more aggressive.

Before you discipline your pup, visit the veterinarian and see if there’s a physical reason for the behavior change.

Make Sure Your Pup Gets Exercise

A dog who gets plenty of exercise is a content, tired dog. Puppies especially have a lot of energy to burn. Many veterinarians recommend dogs get between 30 minutes to an hour of exercise each day. Even a pup with a prosthetic needs some moderate exercise. Playing with him will help avoid many behavioral problems that could cause issues in the neighborhood.

Secure Your Dog’s Space

Don’t let your dog roam the neighborhood. He or she should be secure in their yard. A secure fence allows your pet to run and play safely inside. A fence also keeps other pets and people out. But don’t leave your dog unattended. They can ingest something harmful, or people walking by might agitate or taunt them. So, keep an eye on your pet. And when you leave, make sure your dog is safely inside your home.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

dog in wheelchair playing

Don’t give your neighbors a reason to have any concerns about your dog. Make sure Daisy is up to date on her vaccinations. And use a flea preventive.

Fleas can easily spread from one animal or yard to another. Your neighbors shouldn’t have to worry about fighting fleas, so take the necessary steps to keep your yard flea-free.

Be a Neighbor Friendly Pet Parent: Pick Up Fido’s Poop!

Leaving poop on your neighbor’s lawn won’t make you any friends. Be a good neighbor and pick up your dog’s poop. Carry a plastic bag or pooper scooper when you’re out walking him and clean up the mess immediately. 

The best way to be a good neighbor is to keep the lines of communication open. If there are issues such as your dog barking nonstop while you are gone, or your pet digging holes, or escaping your yard, ask your neighbor to relay those concerns to you. Putting in the effort to establish a good relationship with your neighbors will go a long way in keeping the peace.

Thank you to guest author, Jasmine Patel for writing this article. Jasmine is a former veterinarian’s assistant who has parlayed her love of animals into a career of advocating and writing about her furry friends.

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