Do You Need Help Lifting Your Dog?

German Shepherd combo harness for leg support

Many dog owners need help lifting their dog! Some need help just in the back, some in the rear and front. Weakening legs are often simply part of the dog’s aging process. The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness is designed to give pet owners the help they need to help their dogs!

The video above of Sam, a Basset Hound, shows him taking his first steps with the support of the rear Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness, Just Clip  & Go! It gives Sam the help he needs to be able to easily navigate, sniff around, and do all his favorite things.

Customer Review

Ken Arsenault, Sam’s owner, says,

“We love it! It’s so much easier to get into. Just fantastic! There is no chafing now under his legs with this new design, and nothing gets in the way of him doing his business. When we go down stairs, it stays right where it’s supposed to be, and it clicks into the wheelchair really easily.”

Ken Arsenault

Front, Rear, or Combo Harness

The front and rear Walkin’ Lift Combo Harnesses can be purchased separately or together. If the harness is used as a combo, clips attach the front harness to the rear harness for extra security and comfort.

Special Dog Harness Features

If a dog’s legs begin to weaken to the point of needing a dog wheelchair, the Combo Harness just clips right into the Walkin’ Wheels. This makes it easier for the dog to adjust to the cart. It’s already used to wearing the harness and is comfortable in it. The Combo Harness also makes it easier for the pet owner. Because of the simplicity of clipping into the wheelchair, whether it is a rear wheelchair or a full support (quad) wheelchair, it’s easy!

The Progressive Harness System

The Walkin’ Combo Harness system is the only support harness that adapts to fit a pet’s changing mobility. Many progressive mobility conditions begin with hind leg weakness. Which is why many pet parents will begin with the rear harness only. As the front legs begin to lose strength, the front harness can be added to support all four legs.

The harness can be adapted to add clips when the dog’s mobility worsens and they require a rear wheelchair to get around. Not only is the harness comfortable to wear, it makes it easier to lift your dog in and out of their Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. The Combo Harness is the only lifting harness on the market that’s fully compatible with a dog wheelchair.

When the dog’s leg strength worsens, front wheels may be added to the cart to convert the wheelchair into a Quad Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. By swapping the front harness clips to quad compatible clips, your dog can continue to use the same harness! Give your dog the support they need every step of the way.

Infographic of a Walkin' Combo harness

What Makes Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness Special

lift dog into car

Mark Robinson, founder and CEO of Walkin’ Pets and the inventor of the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, says,

“This is a product that revolutionizes care for aging dogs. It provides top quality, carefully designed lifting assistance for the pet owner. The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness makes it easy for the pet caretaker to lift the dog when and where it’s needed. It was designed with maximum comfort in mind for the dog. The feature that it can also clip into the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is the icing on the cake! The Combo Harness will provide months to years of additional, high quality life for beloved canine family members!”

Mark C. Robinson, Founder & CEO of Walkin’ Pets
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