2018 Walkin’ Pets Calendar Contest Winners on Wheels!

Meet the winners of the 2018 Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com Calendar Contest! This is the 3rd annual contest featuring pets using Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs and showing the world what dogs — and other pets — are capable of, with a little help of wheels.

Top Dog!

Meet Trooper! This feisty little English Bulldog was adopted into a loving home in Pennsylvania after being rescued by Opie’s Special Needs English Bulldog Rescue in Missouri. Trooper gets to be on the calendar cover for getting the most Facebook likes and shares during the month of public voting. There were 238 contestants from 31 countries and 40 U.S. states!


More Bulldogs!

Opie’s Special Needs English Bulldog Rescue was a big winner in general, as three other pups from the rescue also made it into the calendar. Frankie, who is still at the rescue and will be up for adoption sometime in October, came in 2nd place. Gidget, who was adopted into a Wisconsin home, came in 5th place, and Noelle, in 6th place, is now living in her forever home in North Carolina.








Hong Kong Winner!

Siuyong, who came in 3rd place this year, is a two-time winner! This beautiful mongrel dog, who had a rough start as a stray on the streets of Hong Kong, was also a winner in the 2016 Walkin’ Pets Calendar Contest. This photo says it all about Siuyong’s zest for life!


French Bulldog Cuteness

Bleu, an adorable French Bulldog who is just over two years old, came in 4th place in the calendar contest. She lives in Michigan and is deeply loved!


Beloved Coke!

Many people will recognize Coke, because Coke was the cover dog contest winner of the 2016 and 2017 calendar contests! This beautiful rescue dog came in 7th place this year, and is pictured with owner Michael Baines, also known as “The Man That Rescues Dogs.”


More Beauties

Rina, a gorgeous German Shepherd from Florida, came in 8th place. Tilla, a Chihuahua rescued from a Slovakian puppy mill and living in a loving home in Belgium, came in 9th. Gem, a Husky/Shepherd mix, came in 10th place and lives in Canada.




Happy on Wheels

Tracey Fowler’s dog family in Vermont came in 11th place, with Newton and Mendon (in the pink wheelchair) in the photo’s foreground, and Heath and Tom Turkey (in the 4-wheel wheelchair) behind them. Their three canine siblings in the rear round out the pack!

Coming in 12th place is Delilah, a Pit Bull mix. She’s all smiles with her best friend, Roo. Delilah lives a happy life in West Virginia after a difficult start as a stray, hit by a car.

Finally, Eros, coming in 13th place, is another two-time winner; Eros also won in last year’s calendar contest. The Siberian Husky lives in Arizona with his adoring family.

Newton, Mendon, Heath, Tom Turkey



All Winners

Take a look at all of the 2018 calendar contestants starting at the bottom of this calendar page, and you will see that these pets truly are all winners! Each one is loved, special, and is showing the world that an active life can be lived and enjoyed with a little help.

Thank you to every pet owner and pet who participated in this contest. You helped show the world what specially-abled pets are capable of! ALL pets will be in the calendar somewhere! Here are a few examples from last year’s (2017) calendar, to show you how we did our best to give every pet a chance to shine:

collage-2017-calendar   calendar-2017    example-2017-calendar

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