Meet Thor Tanner Tscheulin

Thor Tanner is pure happiness and pure joy! His deepest desire is to please and his happy spot is in the very center of goodwill. He will play fetch by the hour and, prior to his paralysis, could catch a Frisbee on the fly…man was he ever fast.

During the summer of 2015 he started showing some signs of lameness. Many trips to the veterinary and finally the neurology department at Washington State University showed a growing tumor encased within his spinal column…a nephroblastoma. Unfortunately, the tumor is inoperable and over the past 6 months He has lost the function of his hind legs.

After much research, we chose Walkin’ Wheels. He has only had his wheels for about a month now but they have changed his life! The first time he tried them on for size he was off and running. We sprinted down the road side-by-side. He looked up at me and I could swear he was laughing with joy. He has his mobility back and he is back to playing Frisbee!

Thor Tanner is rocking life and rocking his wheels!

Check him and his two brothers out at