Many people make the mistake of believing that when a product is priced the same on two websites, like here and on Amazon, it’s smarter to make the purchase from the shopping site. But when you purchase a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair from Walkin’ Pets, you receive far more value than if you were to purchase it from Amazon.

Take a look at the chart below to see just how much more you get when you make your purchase from Walkin’ Pets! If you still want to buy from Amazon, select your size at the bottom of the page.

  Walkin’ Pets Amazon
Extended Warranty – 5 Year Warranty on Walkin’ Wheels Frame and Knuckle Check Mark Check Mark

Price Guarantee. Guaranteed Same or Better price as Shopping Sites

Check Mark Check Mark
SureFit® Guarantee: Correct wheelchair size guaranteed when ordered through the SureFit® Calculator Check Mark X Mark
Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 Check Mark X Mark
Expert Fitting Advice and Technical Support from our Wheelchair Experts Check Mark X Mark
Help Pets in Need – Profit Sharing with Handicapped Pets Foundation Check Mark X Mark
Everything Your Pet Needs in One Place – All Products and Walkin’ Wheels Accessories Available Check Mark X Mark
Get the Right Size Walkin’ Wheels every time with the SureFit® Calculator Check Mark X Mark
30 Day Return Policy Check Mark Check Mark
Fully Supportive 4 – Wheel Wheelchair Available for Purchase Check Mark X Mark
Walkin’ Wheels Front Wheel Attachment Available Check Mark X Mark


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