Hersheys in Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Meet Hersheys, my pit bull mix who is 5 years old. She’s a very loyal and loving companion who was always very active and enjoyed being outside. She’d love to jump really high when playing ball.

One morning in February 2015, Hersheys woke up unable to move her back legs. She was diagnosed with a herniated disc, a condition that affected her lower spine and has left her paralyzed. After several vet visits and multiple suggestions to euthanize her, we finally met a vet who suggested a second option for us: to put Hersheys in a doggy wheelchair. That is where Walkin’ Wheels came in to play.

After sizing and purchasing, Hersheys was able to do most of her favorite activities immediately. It took a while before Hersheys was comfortable enough to ignore the fact that she had a metal frame around her, but she eventually warmed up to it. Normal walks down the street became everything but normal with the constant stares and questioning by people who had never seen a dog with her condition.

As a paralyzed dog, she’s prone to many illnesses such as bed sores and the ongoing possibilities of UTIs. But we are very glad that she has regained her confidence and shows nothing but excitement when she sees her pink wheelchair.

-Hersheys’ owner

You can follow Hersheys adventures on Instagram: @hersheyinwheels