Guinniss in Dog Wheelchair

My name is Guinniss. I am a 14-year-old Shepherd cross who was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy last year, which is similar to ALS in humans. It affects my mobility and has made my walking very difficult. I can see how hard it has been on my family, but I am a fighter, so I continue to keep myself moving. My vet, Dr. Catherine, performs laser on me which has been wonderful and helps slow the progression of the disease. However, I was getting slower and was not able to get out on walks much any more. My mind was still active, so it was stressful on all of us when my body could not keep up.

Mom and Dad realized it was time to order me a wheelchair from, and it has changed my life! Now I get to join the family again on walks to my favorite nature park, travel to the mountains, and visit my favorite fire hydrant in my neighborhood. It took Dad no time to put it together, and the chair is comfortable and easy to use.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram @kris.stanley.