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Walkin' Wrist Wrap
Walkin' Wrist Wrap: For dog’s front legs only, to stabilize bones and support wrist and leg.

Walkin’ Wrist Wrap
(Front Only)



How to put on the Walkin’ Wrist Wrap


The Walkin’ Wrist Wrap stabilizes your dog’s forearm bones while supporting the wrist, leg muscles and tendons. Simply wrap around front leg about one inch above where dog’s wrist bends, and fasten (should not interfere with flexion of paw). Help your pet move comfortably with their wrist supported from all angles.

  • For stabilizing the wrist joint, (on dog’s front legs above the paw, corresponding to the wrist of a human).
  • Provides support for dogs with arthritis, joint conditions, or those recovering from sprains, minor injuries, or surgeries.
  • Supports muscles and tendons of wrist and leg.
  • Allows for natural, strain-free movement.
  • Easy to Use: Wrap around dog’s front leg/wrist joint and secure in place with VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

Quality Construction:

  • Made of soft, comfortable dureable neoprene with VELCRO® Brand fasteners.
  • VELCRO® Brand fasteners wraps around joint for additional support.
  • Available in three sizes to accommodate dogs of all breeds and builds.


Size Weight Wrist Wrap
Small Up to 25 lbs 2"
Medium 25 – 60 lbs 2"
Large 60 – 100 lbs 2"


Walkin’ Wrist Wrap – Front pet photos, sent in by happy customers!

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