Disabled Dog in India Gets Lucky!

Tashi awaits her Walkin Wheels Tashi shortly after her rescue

Tashi and a monk at the Sera Monastery in India
Tashi gets loving attention
from a Tibetan monk.

AMHERST, NH (April 19, 2016) – HandicappedPets.com, an online pet product company located in Amherst, N.H., donated a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to a disabled dog in India named “Tashi,” which means “luck.” Tashi lives in the Sera Monastery in South India, where several thousand Tibetan monks live and study in exile. The dog cart is on its way and should arrive within a couple of weeks.Word of Tashi’s need for a dog wheelchair first came to HandicappedPets.com by way of a Facebook message sent by a Tibetan nun living in Cologne, Germany, who is in communication with those in India trying to help the pup. The wheels of fortune made their way around the world for Tashi, who will be in her adjustable dog wheelchair very soon!

A full grown Tashi and one of the monks in India
Tashi grows up under the
care of the Tibetan monks

Tashi has been cared for by the monks in the Sera Monastery since they rescued her from attack by older dogs in 2015; unfortunately, the small puppy permanently lost use of her rear legs as a result of the attack. The monks, who serve as beacons of compassion and are instructed to care for stray dogs, are eager to see Tashi running with the other dogs they have rescued when she receives her wheelchair.

The Dalai Lama is Tibet’s spiritual leader; he advocates for compassion as the path to a lifetime of happiness. HandicappedPets.com is pleased to have played a small role in Tashi’s life by providing her with the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, which serves compassion by allowing dogs to live a high-quality life.

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