Maximus Boxer Degenerative Myelopathy

Maximus is an 11-year-old Boxer dog from NYC, diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy (DM) last January. Six months after his diagnosis, Maximus’ right hind leg began to show significant signs of paralysis. He no longer could walk on his own or go hiking with his buddies — his most favorite thing to do. He was sad, noticeably depressed, and confused. It was a really dark time. It felt like the end of his journey was near.  

But thankfully, Walkin’ Wheels has given Maximus a new lease on life! He tried two other wheelchairs before trying Walkin’ Wheels. So it’s not that a “wheelchair” has improved his life but specifically Walkin’ Wheels. The tires are real tires (not plastic), allowing him to go hiking again . . . in sunshine, rain, and snow! The easy-to-use fold-flat design allows us to travel and take Uber, as we always have. And the camo design is upbeat, making the wheelchair feel like a fun toy — a perspective that changed our outlook on his condition. So you see, Walkin’ Wheels is more than just a wheelchair. It has become our lifestyle.

Maximus is so happy. Every day is truly a blessing. Every day, Maximus experiences new adventures because his journey continues in his Walkin’ Wheels. 

Hanna Jung @maximus_boxerboy
(Maximus’ Mommy)