Owner’s Manual With instructions for optional Fully Supportive Front Wheel Kit

Cheyeanne in Medium Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair

Walkin’ Wheels® is a registered trademark of Wheels for Pets, LLC
US Patent 7,549,398. Canada 2,641,092
Euro 2050418, Japan 5385584, other patents pending.

Click here to view PDF of our Walkin’ Wheels Medium Owner’s Manual.


Parts of the Walkin’ Wheels Medium Wheelchair

Aluminum wheelchair frame
Aluminum wheelchair frame Width Connector and Extenders installed
Width Connectors
Width Connectors. The 6″ connector is already installed in the frame. Extra 9″ connector for wider dogs
Length Extenders
Length Extenders. The 15″ extenders are installed in the frame. The 26″ extenders are used for longer dogs


Knuckle (attached to frame)
Tool kit
Tool kit with Allen wrench and cup screws for noise reduction (use if desired)
Leg Rings
Leg Rings for rear support


Belly Belt
One Belly Belt for mid-section support (use if needed), small or large
Stirrups to keep the feet from dragging, (use if needed)
Front Harness
Front Harness with comfort sleeves


Wheels attached to StrutsWheels attached to Struts
Wheels attached to Struts (one set for each wheelchair) Several sizes shown here.


Tips to Teach Your Dog to Use Walkin’ Wheels®

We created the Walkin’ Wheels® with the intention that you will adjust the wheelchair, put your pet in it, and in a few moments watch him or her running and playing again. It can happen that way, but it doesn’t always. A wheelchair can be an adjustment for an animal. To some, there is a strange device following him or her around making odd noises and getting caught on furniture and doorways. They will adapt to these changes, but need a little time.

We recommend you be calm, quiet, and slow when putting on the wheelchair for the first time. Give your pet lots of stroking and reassurance. Treats help, too! Let the dog get used to the harnesses before attaching it to the wheelchair. It may take a few minutes or a few hours for them to get used to the harnesses.

Tips for Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair