Owner’s Manual With instructions for optional Fully Supportive Front WheelKit

Luna in Mini Walkin' Wheels

Walkin’ Wheels® is a registered trademark of Wheels for Pets, LLC
US Patent 7,549,398. Canada 2,641,092
Euro 2050418, Japan 5385584, other patents pending.

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The Walkin’ Wheels MINI: 3 Sizes

Depending on your pet’s measurements, you were sent one of the following wheelchairs.

Mini B1 Drawing
MINI B2 or B3:
Mini B2/B3 Drawing

Parts of the Walkin’ Wheels MINI

Walkin' Wheels Mini B1 with 2 Inch Wheels   Walkin' Wheels Mini B2 with 4 Inch Wheels Walkin' Wheels Mini B3 with 4 Inch Wheels

MINI B1 wheelchair frame with Width Connector, Extenders, Struts, and 2″ Wheels installed.

MINI B2 wheelchair frame with Width Connector, Extenders, Struts, and 4″ Wheels installed.

MINI B3 wheelchair frame with Width Connector, Extenders, Struts, and 4″ Wheels installed.

Walkin' Wheels Mini Front Harness  Walkin' Wheels Mini Leg Rings  Walkin' Wheels Mini Stirrups

Front Harness with comfort sleeves (attached to frame)

Leg Rings for (seat) support

Stirrups to keep paws from dragging; use if needed

 Leg Ring Clamps  Extra Fastener Set

Leg Ring Clamps

Extra Fastener Set

Teach Your Pet to Use the Walkin’ Wheels

We created the Walkin’ Wheels® with the intention that you will adjust the wheelchair, put your pet in it, and in a few moments watch him/her running and playing again. It can happen that way, but it doesn’t always. A wheelchair can be an adjustment for an animal. To some, there is a strange device following him/her around making odd noises and getting caught on furniture and doorways. They will adapt to these changes, but need a little time.
We recommend you be calm, quiet, and slow when putting on the wheelchair for the first time. Give your pet lots of stroking and reassurance. Treats help, too!

  1. When starting this process we suggest that you use really good treats to reward your pet for positive reinforcement/behavior. Dog biscuits are usually not good enough for him/her to get excited about. You won’t need to keep using extra special treats every day, just in the beginning of the training process. A hungry pet is a motivated pet! Work with your pet before you have fed him/her a meal. S/he will be more eager to pay attention and earn the food reward if he is hungry

  2. Do not immediately put your pet in the wheelchair. Assemble the wheelchair and leave it in an area where your pet can see it, smell it, and touch it.

  3. Use the Quick Start guide

  4. After your pet is in the wheelchair hold the food reward right at his/her nose level, and feed several pieces. Then you can move one foot backwards, again holding the food reward in front of you. S/he should then walk toward you to get the treat. Before you know it, s/he is walking in the Walkin’ Wheels! Again, give him/her a treat and positive praise.

  5. Work in very short (5-10) minute sessions, several times a day to start off. Give your pet rest periods between each session.

Note: Please do not leave your pet unattended in the wheelchair. Do not leave your pet in it all day. One hour is recommended.

Quick Start Guide

Your Walkin’ Wheels MINI box contains everything you need to get your pet rolling.

  1. Take wheelchair out of box. Front harness red strap will be on the bottom and blue strap on the top. Release the two clips so they hang down, keeping it attached to the wheelchair.

  2. Releasing the wheels on knuckle. Turn the knob on the knuckle counter clockwise 5 turns to loosen it up. Move the strut perpendicular to the wheelchair frame with the red harness strap on the bottom. Adjust the height according to your fold of flank measurement

  3. Length: While the knob is still loose, adjust the length to your dog’s armpit to rump measurement

  4. Knuckle Adjustment: Tighten the round black knuckle so the teeth are engaged tightly.

  5. Leg Rings: Attach all four wires around the frame to form a seat. The wires should be wrapped on each side of knuckle tightly. If you push the piece in the middle, it should hang down 1-2″ to form a cradle

  6. Width: Unscrew the knobs in back and adjust to your dog’s widest area, which is usually the chest width

  7. Stirrups: Attach stirrups around the two black knobs in the rear. Secure the top part around the knobs, and adjust the length of the stirrups

  8. Ready to start rolling! See here for further instructions, or watch this video


To set the width of the wheelchair frame to the correct size, measure your pet’s chest, and then add an inch to this measurement; the width of the wheelchair frame should be set to this size. If the width needs to be adjusted, unscrew the rear knobs counterclockwise until the back connector comes off, being careful not to lose the small washers that are inside the knobs. Line up the back connector with whichever holes will give you the width measurement you need. Make sure the back connector is installed on the outside (behind) the wheelchair frame. Screw the knobs onto the outside of the back connector, making sure to put each washer in between the knob and the back connector. Tighten the knobs.

Walkin' Wheels Mini Manual Width Example


The knobs that are located on the knuckle hold the struts and side extenders in place. Measure your pet from hip to shoulder blade. Make that measurement match the measurement from the center of the knuckle to the front end of each side extender, as in the photos.
Note: The knuckle should be at the center of your pet’s hip. The front of the extender should be at shoulder blade. You should have a few inches in back of the rump for elimination (pee and poop).

Walkin' Wheels Mini Manual Length Example


Take your pet’s leg measurement (fold of flank); this should match the measurement from the bottom of the knuckle to the ground. Adjust your strut to match your pet’s measurement. You can make this adjustment by unscrewing the knob on each knuckle a few turns, and then sliding the blue strut up to reduce the height, or down to increase the height. Then tighten each knob.
Note: Put your palm on the inside, over the knuckle, for easy movement of struts.

Walkin' Wheels Mini Manual Height Example

Attaching the Leg Rings and Clamps

After you have the wheelchair adjusted for your pet, you can now install the Leg Ring Clamps. These will prevent the leg rings from sliding forward. You will attach 4 Leg Ring Clamps to the frame, 2 on each side. These will be located on each side of the knuckle.

  1. Determine if you need the double wide or the single clamp. One bar requires single, two requires the double. (See photos)

  2. Place clamp over frame with hole on outside, facing outwards.

  3. Rock the clip back and forth with a downward motion. Make sure the lip on the outside of the clip is under the frame.

  4. Slide left or right to lock into place.

  5. Feed the wire of the leg rings through the top of the hole then wrap the wire securely around the frame. The leg rings are the rear support system for your pet. The coated wires need to be positioned on either side of each knuckle, making sure the foam leg rings look like two back-to-back letter Cs

Note: The Leg Rings should hang 2-3” below the wheelchair frame, making sure the piece in the middle is connected to the foam tubes.

Walkin' Wheels Mini Leg Ring ExampleWalkin' Wheels Mini Leg Ring Example


If your pet’s legs are paralyzed, use the stirrups to hold his/her legs off the ground. The top end of each stirrup is secured around each back knob. The top ball lock is used to hold each stirrup in place, and the bottom lock ball is secured above the hock.

Walkin' Wheels MIni Stirrup Example

Wheel Sizes

Your wheelchair will come with either 2” or 4” wheels attached to the struts. The wheels are all-terrain and will not puncture. If they eventually wear out, you can buy replacements here.

Ready to Start Rolling?

  1. Leg Rings: Pick up your pet and set him/her into the Leg Rings. Each leg goes inside the ring. The abdomen will rest on the middle Velcro piece holding the rings together. The rear toe pads should touch the ground. Use stirrups if pet’s legs are paralyzed.

  2. Front Harness: Unclick the blue and black strap, and leave the harness attached to the front knobs. Set pet’s front legs in front of the red strap on the front harness. Take the blue strap over the back and clip in place. Put the black strap in front of the chest and clip in place. Adjust all three straps so they are snug. Tuck the excess strapping into the black comfort sleeves.

  3. For intact male dogs, we want the center connector to be just in front of the testicles and behind the penis. This will give him full support while keeping him comfortable and allowing him to go to the bathroom.

Watch this video starting at 7:23 minutes/seconds for putting your pet into the wheelchair.

Note: If you need to wash the harness at some point, you can removeit by unscrewing the knobs on each side, and then removing the screws and washers.

Questions or Fitting Evaluation?

Call: (888) 253-0777 or email: HelpMe@WalkinPets.com If you need a fitting evaluation, we are here to assist you. Email us side and rear view photos of your pet in the wheelchair. Make sure that you put your sales receipt number on the subject line, so we can identify who sent it. Or you may call us during business hours.

Maintenance, Liability & Guarantee

With proper use and maintenance, the wheelchair is designed to last a lifetime. When you need replacement parts for the wheels, harnesses, stickers, and other wear-and-tear items, they may be purchased at spare parts. The wheelchair frame will not rust. If dirt or sand gets inside the wheelchair, you can hose it off. All components can be removed and cleaned. Oiling is not necessary.

Limited Liability
Walkin’ Wheels® is provided as a walking aid for animals that are under the care of a veterinarian and for which a dog wheelchair has been recommended. Wheels for Pets, LLC, and its affiliates, agents, and distributors make no representation to the effectiveness or appropriateness of this product.

The Walkin’ Wheels® wheelchair frame is guaranteed by the manufacturer, Wheels for Pets, LLC, for five years from the date of purchase against defects in material or workmanship. If the frame breaks under normal usage, please let us know, and we will repair or replace the wheelchair at our option. You are responsible for all shipping charges. Warranty is non-transferable.

Return Policy
We are here to help your pet get the best fit possible. If there is a problem we cannot correct, contact us within 30 days from the day the wheelchair arrived, and we will issue a return authorization number (RA). If refurbishing is needed due to scratches or wear, this will reduce your refund. The RA# must be written on the outside of shipping box, or a refund will not be considered. A Return Authorization Form is required for returns. This form is included in the “Important Document” plastic sleeve on the outside of the shipping box: Return Policy – Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchairs Returns