Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness


Walkin' Rear Warrior Harness

Product Details

The Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness provides the rear leg support your dog needs to get them back on their feet. Safely support your dog’s back legs and gently lift their hind end, so you can both enjoy your daily walk. This heavy-duty lifting harness is fully compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

Assist pets with mobility change caused by: arthritis, hind leg weakness, Degenerative Myelopathy, during injury or surgical recovery, and ACL tears.

  • Easily & Comfortably Support Your Pet: Rear support design reduces pressure or pet’s limbs and joints, spreading weight across their hips and abdomen.
  • Safely Assist Your Pet: Help your dog to stand up, walk outside, climb stairs, and help in and out of the car.
  • Durable and Easy to Use: the dog lift harness slips up your dog’s back legs, adjusting snugly across the lower back. Use the adjustable handles to gently support and lift pet.
  • Multifunctional, Durable Support: Harness is fully compatible with Walkin’ Wheels Rear; can be used instead of Leg Rings and can also be used as a front harness on dogs who do not have large chests.
  • Available in three colors of Camouflage: Blue, Pink, and Green Camo.
  • Adjustable handle size ranges: Handles are fully adjustable from 4.5″ to 27″

Walkin' Warrior Rear Harness


The Warrior Rear Harness gives your pet the rear lift support they need to assist them as they climb up stairs, into the car, or walking outside to go potty. The harness’s open design allows your dog to cleanly relieve themselves.

Walkin' Warrior Rear Harness


This dog lift support harness can be used in or out of your dog’s wheelchair. Replace your dog’s leg rings for an even more comfortable level of support. Choose the camo print that matches your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair!

Walkin' Warrior Rear Harness


This easy-to-use rear harness features adjustable handles, so you help lift your pet without carrying them or risking a back injury. Can be combined with the Warrior Front Harness (Sold Separately).

How to Choose the Right Size

To determine the best size Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness for your pet, measure the girth of one of your dog’s back legs all the way around at the widest part of their upper leg (around their thigh). Use the sizing chart below to select the right size for your pet. Need help choosing the right size?

If your pet falls between sizes and you need help choosing the correct size, please call our Customer Service team at 888-253-0777.

Drag Bag Measurement
Size Girth of leg
XXSmall 7″ or Less
XSmall  7 – 9″
Small  10 – 11″
Medium 12 – 13″
Medium/Large 14 – 15″
Large 16 – 18″
XLarge 19 – 22″

Assembly & Usage Instructions

Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness Instructional Video:


How to Attach the Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness to the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair:


Step by step:

  1. Lay harness on the ground, camo side down with fleece facing up. There is no front or back – use whichever side is most comfortable for your dog’s anatomy.
  2. Place each rear leg through leg hole, slide the harness up your dog’s legs (like a pair of shorts).
  3. Fasten clips over dog’s back and tighten tri-glides for comfortable fit. Once adjusted correctly the webbing can be woven back through the tri-glide to keep adjustment secure.

Attaching Handle:

The adjustable handles attach to the round harness clips, attach to clip using spring hooks. Handle length can be adjusted to your preference and comfort.

Connecting to the Wheelchair:

The round black harness clips run over the wheelchair frame and attach to the shoulder socket screws (silver pegs) at the rear of your pet’s Walkin’ Wheels. Push upward to lock and click into place. When assembled correctly the round circles will point towards the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Warrior Rear Harness is designed for quick trips outside for your dog to relieve themselves comfortably. Each harness features two different cutouts to accommodate either male or female dogs, simply rotate the harness to whichever one is most comfortable for your pet.

Yes! The harness is designed to support your dog’s hind end while they go about everyday tasks such as short walks, getting in and out of the car, going up and down the stairs, and getting up from laying down or sitting. For dogs who use a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair on their walks, the rear harness can be clipped right into their cart for added comfort and rear support.

The rear harness is designed to help you to stabilize, lift and gently support your dog’s hind end as they maintain an active lifestyle. If you need a harness to lift your dog entirely with full support in both front and rear legs, we recommend the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness.

If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend going down one size. Need help deciding which size is right? Call us at 888-253-0777, our Customer Care team is happy to help your dog get the perfect size Warrior Rear Harness.

Yes, the handles on the harness adjust to allow pet parents to find the perfect height for your comfort. This easy to use mobility aid allows you to support your pet without lifting their entire weight or straining your back.

Adjustable handle size ranges from 4.5″ to 27″

You absolutely can wash your pet’s Warrior Rear Harness. Simply place the harness inside the mesh bag it comes in and place it in the washing machine, lay flat to air dry.

Each harness is lined with super soft fleece to make it ultra-comfortable for your dog to wear. It’s designed to be worn when your dog is active and being assisted by their parent or while in their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. When your dog is ready to rest the harness should be removed.

Yes, there is a matching Warrior Front Harness that is sold separately. Both the front and rear Warrior Harnesses are compatible with the rear Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

Yes! The Warrior Rear Harness can be easily used with the Walkin’ Wheels. The Warrior harness is a comfy alternative for the standard Leg Rings that come with the wheelchair. Simply clip the harness into the rear wheelchair frame for extra comfort and rear support. It can also be used as front support for dogs using the Quad Walkin’ Wheels.

Yes, the Warrior Rear harness can be used support a cat or kitten with hind leg weakness or paralysis.

Yes, pets with smaller chests can use this for front support, it can also be used with the Full Support or 4-wheel Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. If you are looking for a front lifting harness that matches, we recommend the Warrior Front Harness, which is compatible with the Rear Walkin’ Wheels.

Customer Photos

Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness pet photos, sent in by happy customers!

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