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Walkin’ vertebraVe


Walkin' vertebraVe®

Product Details

The Walkin’ vertebraVe® is THE back support system for pets. Combining support and comfort in a brace designed specifically for those pets suffering from arthritis or back injuries. Our two-tier support layer optimizes stabilization needed for the spine and surrounding muscles. Allowing for all day comfortable wear for pets all sizes and shapes.

Designed and patented in the USA by Renee Mills, VT, CCRP


Ideal for pets with the following conditions: Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Back Pain, Arthritis, post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation


  • Designed to stabilize the spine and alleviate pressure, allowing pet parents to easily offer more support to pets suffering from back pain and injury.
  • Patented two tier support system that allows for custom fit without the hassle or high cost of a custom orthotic
  • Constructed of medical grade materials which conform to your pet’s back for custom molded fit.
  • Features three strategically placed metal support spines for maximum support.
  • The only back support which can continue to adjust with the pet’s needs through the recovery process
  • Easily remove spinal supports for milder support or to lessen support as pet heals.
  • Easy to Use: Stretch mesh panels allow for an adjustable, snug fit which is easy to take on and off
  • Comfortable for All Day Wear: features breathable mesh panels to keep pets cool and comfy
  • Pets can go potty with the brace on
  • D-Ring for easy leash attachment
  • Easy to Size: Only one measurement required
  • Available in Black/Neon Green or Black/Pink
  • Product Information Sheet

The vertebraVe® back brace is not intended to cure spinal injuries or IVDD. It’s designed as aid for dogs dealing with back pain. The vertebraVe® is not intended to replace crate rest prescribed by your Veterinarian. We encourage you to talk with your Veterinarian about your pet’s health.

To learn more about IVDD, read “IVDD in Dogs: Causes to Prevention.

To learn more about canine Back Braces, read “Back Braces for Dogs.”

How to choose the right size

Measure your pet’s Topline measurement (the length of back) from Point of Shoulders to Top of Pelvis. It’s best to do this in a standing position.

Walkin' vertebraVe®

If you’re unsure about your measurement or need assistance deciding which size is right for your pet, please call us at 1-888-253-0777 and our Customer Service Department will help you to determine the correct size.

Size Topline Measurement Weight
XSmall 6-9″ 10 – 15 lbs.
Small  9″-11″ 15 – 25 lbs
Medium 11″-13″ 25 – 50 lbs.
Large 13″-15″ 50 – 80 lbs.
XLarge 15″ or greater 80 lbs. and greater

* Dachshunds Topline 9″-13″ fit size Small
* Corgis Topline 11″-16″ fit size Medium

Assembly & Usage Instructions

How to Put the vertebraVe® on Your Pet

The vertebraVe® support system consists of three parts. The chest harness, main back support and the lumbar support piece. The vertebraVe® comes with the chest harness already attached to the main support piece.

Remember, the first time you place the vertebraVe® on your pet there will be a fitting process to make sure it fits properly, once adjusted it’s an easy on and off application.

  1. Undo the touch fasteners on the back support mesh side panels and unclip chest piece side clips. Slide the chest harness piece, while connected to the main back support, over your pet’s head. This will get the chest harness piece and main back support in place to adjust.
  2. Wrap the mesh side panels underneath your pet’s belly and fasten snugly using touch fasteners.
  3. Attach both side clips on the chest harness piece which by snapping into each side of the main back support piece.
  4. Tighten the straps connected into the main back support piece to securely fit your pet.
  5. Tighten all strap on the chest harness piece to hug your pet tightly. The chest piece should be centered on your pet’s chest.
  6. The last step is the lumbar support piece. This piece will snap into each side of the main back support piece at the back of the brace. Make sure to place the soft side of the piece against your pet’s belly.  Then tighten each strap for a snug fit. Lumbar support is optional. Use lumbar support to better secure back of brace or use for high lumbar pain or spinal injury.

* For male pets, make sure the lumbar support piece is tucked underneath the penis to allow them to potty freely.

* Once all adjustments have been made, and brace is correctly fitted for your pet, excess webbing straps may be trimmed, and edges sealed using a lighter if necessary.

To remove the brace:

  1. Unhook lumbar support piece if using
  2. Unhook the two chest harness straps where they connect to the main back support piece.
  3. Undo the mesh side panels.
  4. Slide over your pet’s head.

Care Instructions
Spot clean vertebraVe® with clean cloth or sponge. Lay flat to let air dry.  Machine washing not recommended and may affect the stability of product. To remove hair from touch fasteners on mesh side panels, we recommend using a lint roller.

Frequently Asked Questions

The vertebraVe®’s patented three-piece support system is designed to support the spine and surrounding epipaxal muscles while still allowing your pet to run, sit and go the bathroom. The dual layered, patented design offers support and conforms to your pet’s back for the best possible support system. Preventing your pet from over flexing or extending their back when the support is on. Protecting areas which are affected by injury or disease. You can adjust the straps on all pieces to get a snug fit. The optional Lumbar Support piece may be used to get a snugger fit and offer more support to the lower back.

Every pet is different. Some pets may benefit from wearing it all day or some pets may just need it for walks and activity. The breathable medical grade materials allow for extended wear, although we recommend taking it off while your pet sleeps.

Hand wash vertebraVe® with clean cloth or sponge. Lay flat to let air dry. Machine washing not recommended and may affect the stability of product. To remove hair from touch fasteners on side panel, we recommend using a lint roller.

Absolutely! There is a built in D-Ring on top of the vertebraVe® for you to clip a leash to.

Yes. The vertebraVe® is designed not interfere with your pet’s ability to do their business! For male pets, if wearing the lumbar support make sure it is tucked under the penis to allow him to potty freely.

No, the lumbar strap that connects under the abdomen is optional and is not needed for all pets. The lumbar strap helps secure the back of the brace on tighter and offers more support to pets with lower back pain.

Yes, they can be removed however we recommend speaking with your pet care professional before removing the metal support rods. The metal rods are designed to limit hyperflexion and hyperextension of the spine, as your pet heals these may be removed to increase range of motion or if lighter support is needed as they heal.

Yes. The vertebraVe® was specifically designed to fill the gap in the market for larger dogs. The vertebraVe® is the only back brace available to fit every size dog.

Customer Photos & Videos

Walkin’ vertebraVe pet photos, sent in by happy customers!

Watch these videos of pets enjoying their Walkin’ vertebraVe!

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