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Walkin’ ® Traction Socks

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Walkin’ ® Traction Socks

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Instructions on how to use the Walkin’ ® Traction Socks


Walkin’ ® Traction Socks have a waterproof silicone gel sole to keep your dog from slipping or splaying out on slippery or smooth flooring. Upper sock is warm and cozy with a detachable strap to keep socks in place. Great for senior and tri-pawed dogs who need more traction on slick surfaces – and protects your hardwood floors at the same time!

  • Non-slip, waterproof silicone gel sole for traction
  • Protects bruises/cuts on your pet’s paws or lower legs
  • Keeps paws warm, clean, and dry
  • Detachable strap helps keep socks in place
  • Color: Charcoal gray with red stripe upper, black soles
  • Sold in sets of 4
  • Sizes: XXSmall • XSmall • Small • Medium • Large • XLarge

Please note: Attach strap when dog is in a standing position!

Got Questions?

How to choose the right size

To get the right size Traction Socks for your dog, use the charts below:

Walkin' Traction Socks Dimensions

Size A B C D
XXSmall 1.2″ 1.5″ 1″ 3.54″
XSmall 1.4″ 1.7″ 1.2″ 4.13″
Small 1.7″ 2″ 1.4″ 4.92″
Medium 2″ 2.3″ 1.5″ 5.71″
Large 2.2″ 2.6″ 1.7″ 6.5″
XLarge 2.6″ 3.1″ 2″ 7.3″

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