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The Walkin’ Support Sling allows you to give your pet a little support while protecting your back from unnecessary strain – easier than using a towel, and more comfortable for your dog! Speed up the injury recovery process by providing the support and stability your dog needs to get up, moving around, and begin the rehabilitation process. Gently assist your pet upstairs, into a car, outside for quick bathroom breaks during injury recovery.

Assist pets with mobility changes caused by orthopedic injury or surgery recovery, TPLO, ACL/CCL injury, hind leg weakness, hip dysplasia, loss of balance, and arthritis.


  • Gently Support Your Pet’s Mobility: Easily assist your dog to stand and walk with a minimal amount of support.
  • Easy to Use Design: Slip sling under dog’s midsection, and secure on top with quick and easy touch-fastener closures.
  • Help Pets Heal simple lifting solution to get pets back on their feet after injury, during post-op recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Comfortable Lifting Support: Sling features height-adjustable handles to make mobility support pain-free. Exterior made of 50/50 washable denim, interior lined with soft fleece.

dog lifting sling


The support sling allows you to gently lift and support pets with weak hind legs. Giving Pet Parents a simple lifting solution for pets in the early stages of mobility loss or post-operative recovery.

dog lifting support


Perfect for pets recovering from injury who need rehabilitative support. This supportive pet sling is easier to use than a towel and a great way to help your pet stay mobile & active.

mid-body dog lifting harness


This easy-to-use lifting harness provides mid-body support. Simply wrap the sling around your dog’s midsection, attach over their back, and lift the adjustable handles to easily support your pet.

Adjustable handle size ranges:
XSmall: 16”-33” Small: 17”-34″ Medium: 18″-34″ Medium/Large: 15″-31″ Large: 10″-19″ XLarge: 6″-15”

Never suspend a dog in the air with the Walkin’ Support Sling; it is meant for supporting, not lifting!

If you have to fully carry a dog that cannot support any weight on its legs, pick him up and cradle him we recommend using the Walkin’ Pet Transport Stretcher.

How to Choose the Right Size

Size (A) Abdomen (B) Chest Sling Width
XSmall 13 – 17″ 13 – 17″ 4″
Small 18 – 22″ 18 – 22″ 6″
Medium 22 – 26″ 22 – 26″ 8″
Medium/Large 24 – 28″ 24 – 28″ 10″
Large 29 – 35″ 29 – 35″ 11″
XLarge 36 – 44″ 36 – 44″ 12″

how to measure for a dog sling

*Measure the larger of the dog’s abdomen or chest

Product Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Support Sling is designed to help pet parents safely support their dogs and help them get outside to relieve themselves.

The Support Sling is designed to aid pet’s healing from injury or surgery, allowing you to gently lift your dog and support them through rehabilitation and recovery. The Support Sling has been used for post-op recovery for TPLO, ACL/CCL/MCL, and other orthopedic surgeries. Speak with your veterinarian to determine if the sling is the right fit for your dog’s specific condition or post-op protocol.

The sling is designed to help you to stabilize and gently support your dog as they maintain an active lifestyle. It is not intended to suspend a dog in the air – the sling helps you gently aid your dog is not intended to lift them completely off the ground. If you need a harness to lift your dog completely we recommend the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness.

If your dog’s abdomen and chest measurements are different, we recommend going with the larger of the two measurements to accommodate their girth. The sling width should fit comfortably between a dog’s front and back legs with enough room for the sling to sit flat.

Need help? Call us at 888-253-0777, our Customer Care team is happy to help your dog get the perfect size Support Sling.

Yes, the handles on the sling adjust to allow pet parents to find the perfect height for your comfort. This easy-to-use mobility aid allows you to support your pet without lifting their entire weight or straining your back.

Adjustable handle size ranges:
XSmall: 16”-33” Small: 17”-34″ Medium: 18″-34″ Medium/Large: 15″-31″ Large: 10″-19″ XLarge: 6″-15”

The Walkin’ Support Sling is machine washable, lay flat to air dry.

Each sling is lined with super soft fleece to make it ultra-comfortable for your dog to wear. It’s designed to be worn when your dog is active and being assisted by its parent. When your best friend is ready to rest the sling should be removed.

The sling may be used to assist your part in and out of a vehicle however it is not designed to pick them up completely. If you need a harness to lift your dog completely we recommend the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness.

Customer Photos

Walkin’ Support Sling pet photos, sent in by happy customers!

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