Scooter Trophy

AMHERST, NH (February 28, 2020) – Global Pet Expo 2020 awarded Walkin’ Pets by its Best in Show Award for the Walkin’ Scooter in the Dog Category. Global Pet Expo’s new product showcase is the largest of any pet product industry trade show in the world, and featured hundreds of entries. The Walkin’ Scooter is an innovative new indoor mobility solution for paralyzed pets.

The Walkin’ Scooter helps handicapped pets to easily maneuver indoors while protecting their limbs & chest from sores caused by scrapping. Keeping pets comfortable and active all day long! The Walkin’ Scooter gives pet’s back their freedom, allowing them to get back to what’s important, being with their family.

Designed for style and comfort, the base of the Walkin’ Scooter is cushioned with a durable closed cell foam and it’s easy to use! Simply attach the scooter bag to the base, place your pet inside, adjust for comfort and your dog is ready to go! Each scooter features roller ball casters for easy movement in any direction, sliding smoothly across tile floor, linoleum, Berber carpeting and hardwood floors! The Walkin’ Scooter is the perfect solution for pets to fit through doorways and around corners with ease.

The Walkin’ Scooter is perfect for every pet! With six sizes to choose from, the Walkin’ Scooter can accommodate pets of all builds and breeds.


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