Mini Walkin' Wheels

AMHERST, NH (May 31, 2017) – Walkin’ Pets by announces its latest innovation in the pet wheelchair business: the MINI Walkin’ Wheels for disabled or injured pets. This fully adjustable wheelchair accommodates toy dog breeds, cats, and other small animals weighing from two to ten pounds. The MINI Walkin’ Wheels is simple to use, and its adjustability makes finding the right fit quick and easy.

“My company was founded on the concept of listening to the pet caretaking community and providing products to enable their pets to live high-quality, active lives,” says Mark Robinson, founder and president of Walkin’ Pets by “The toy dog breeds have increased in popularity over the years, so a MINI wheelchair to accommodate these pets was an emerging need. We’ve also had an increase in owners of cats and other small animals asking for a wheelchair, as awareness of the Walkin’ Wheels has spread.”

The availability of an off-the-shelf, adjustable product, such as the MINI Walkin’ Wheels, makes it not only affordable, but possible to ship on the same day as ordered. The adjustability feature enables owners to place the order with just two measurements and the pet’s weight and breed/species. This type of product has revolutionized the world of pet care. A Walkin’ Wheels can provide an alternative to euthanizing pets, when just a little rear limb support might enable them to continue to live happy, healthy lives.

For more information on the new MINI Walkin’ Wheels, go here. To view a short video of pets using the new MINI Walkin’ Wheels, go here.

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