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Walkin’ Dog Boots


Walkin' Pet Boots

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How to put on the Walkin’ Pet Boots


Walkin’ Pet Boots protect your dog’s paws from rough surfaces like gravel or rocks, extreme temperatures, and road salt and lawn chemicals. Provides a steady grip on slippery floors. Keeps paws clean and dry.

  • Protects pet’s paws from rough surfaces and inclement weather.
  • Provides steady grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Keeps paws clean and dry to prevent tracking dirt or mud into the house.
  • Protects pets with sensitive paws or pets with cuts or bruises on paws or legs.
  • Protect pets that drag their paws (indoors only).
  • High tops protect lower part of legs.
  • Open slit in back makes it easy for you to take boots on and off.
  • Thick rubber, pliable sole provides support and insulation.
  • Water resistant with breathable neoprene shell.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps with reflective tape keep boots securely on your pet.
  • Sold in singles or as a full set of four (comes in mesh bag).

Got Questions?

Please note: If your dog drags his/her paws, the boots will wear out quickly if used on gravel or blacktop/road surfaces!

Many animals respond better when all four boots are on. Putting just one boot on an injured foot may feel awkward to a pet (like walking with one shoe on). Pet boots are often recommended to help with Degenerative Myelopathy issues; read this blog post for more information on DM.

How to choose the right size

How to Measure for Dog Boots

measure dog boots from walkin wheels

To measure the width of your dog’s foot, place foot on a piece of paper and press down on top of foot, mimicking how the foot spreads when dog is walking.

Mark left and right side of foot on paper, and measure distance between marks. Compare this to boot sizes; the width of foot should be the same or smaller than boot size.

Size Width
XXSmall: 1.25″
XSmall: 1.5″
Small: 1.75″
Medium: 2″
Medium/Large: 2.25″
Large: 2.5″
XLarge: 3.25″
XXLarge: 4″

Note: When trying on a Pet Boot for the first time, please put a thin plastic bag on the animal’s foot, as boots returned with hair on them cannot be resold for full value and will be subject to a restocking charge. See Return Policy for details.

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