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Walkin’ Dog Helmet

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Walkin' Dog Helmet

Product Details

The Walkin’ Dog Helmet provides lightweight and comfortable head protection that will keep your dog safe. Helpful for dogs with vision loss or other issues that might cause them to bump into things, such as cerebellar hypoplasia.

  • Constructed of durable, lightweight material.
  • Adjustable padding inside helmet attached with touch fastener.
  • Adjustable helmet straps attach easily to dog for secure fit.

How to choose the right size

The Walkin’ Dog Helmet comes in a Large size.

Size Width of Head (A) Circumference (B) Strap Length
Large 5 – 6″ 16 – 19″ 9 – 16″

Helmet Circumference

Width (A): Measure across the top of your dog’s head from ear to ear (without bending the measuring tape).

Helmet Width of Head

Circumference (B): Measure from across the forehead to around the back of the head. If the dog’s ears are floppy, measure around the ears. If the dog’s ears are straight up, fold them down to include in the measurement.


  • The helmet is too big if it is able to slide toward the neck or cover the neck.
  • The straps may need to be tighter than you think. Use the same rule that you would use on a collar: If you can fit two fingers through it, then the dog has enough room to breathe and to take it off in case of an emergency.

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