used dog wheelchairs

We’ve all seen dog in wheelchairs running, playing, swimming, and living a happy, healthy life. It’s wonderful to watch a paralyzed dog get their life back. After they are done with their wheelchair, either because they’ve gone to the bridge, or they injury is healed, what do you do with the dog wheelchair?

In the case of an older-style custom made dog wheelchair, there isn’t much you can do. Sometimes you can return it to the manufacturer and they can use it for parts (ideally they should pay for this as they usually re-sell the parts). You may be able to donate it to a shelter or animal hospital, but they usually have a garage-full already.

Custom Made Dog Wheelchairs can only be used if you can find a dog with the same measurements.

If you have an adjustable wheelchair, though, these are highly appreciated donations because they can be adjusted to fit any size dog. Used Dog Wheelchairs, whether custom or adjustable, can be bought and sold on, one of our sister sites that provides listings of used and pre-owned dog wheelchairs.