walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Tinkerbelle was being given away for free on Facebook because she could not walk. @HURRAHDogRescue took her in and rehabilitated her to the point where she could wobble fairly well, but she suffers from ataxia and proprioception. An X-ray showed a horrible injury to her spine.

Tinkerbelle received a loaner Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair last week and loves it! She’s already coming to ask to be put into it so she can play with her brothers. We set up a fundraiser to be able to buy Tinkerbelle her own chair and give her an MRI, and just met our goal! Her very own wheelchair should be arriving soon.

The chair she has right now has allowed the scuff injuries on her toes to heal a little, but mostly it’s improved her quality of life. She can chase the boys on the beach and have fun! She’s so happy!

-Rachel E.

@pixierachel on IG