Spots Dog Wheelchair

Our dog, Spots, turned 16 years old last week. Her birthday coincided almost exactly with the end of our 45 day rental period of her Walkin’ Wheels. We’re so happy that we still have her and are happy that our rental has been converted to a full-on purchase. The rental allowed us to see if the wheelchair would work for her and to have it for a shorter period if we weren’t fortunate enough to still have her in our lives. We have no doubt that her life has been extended by having this wheelchair. It has brought a new joy into her days as she can once again explore familiar territory and move about on her own. It has also enabled her to strengthen her front legs and to obtain some aerobic exercise again that was denied her because of her spinal stenosis. Thank you so much for having the rental option that made it easy for us to decide to give it a try. The Walkin’ Wheels has worked out so much better than we could have anticipated and we are happy to tell everyone who asks about it.

Thank you!

Melanie Grune