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The SleePee Time Bed®: Helps incontinent and aging dogs stay dry at night or during naps.

The SleePee Time Bed® made in the USA Made in the USA

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The SleePee Time Bed® helps incontinent and aging dogs get a good night’s sleep, protecting your dog’s skin and your floor! It can also be used simply as a comfortable sleeping surface for any pet.

  • Bedding surface made of wide-gauge vinyl-coated polyester fiber mesh.
  • Urine flows through mesh to a sturdy tray underneath (only liquids will fall through).
  • Soft, fleece bolsters and a pillow cuddle dog on all sides for warmth and security.
  • Clean-up is easy; spray mesh bedding with a non-abrasive household cleaner and wipe, or spray down with a faucet or hose.
  • Bolsters stay clean and dry, but can easily be removed for hand washing and drying.
  • Air circulates under pet to promote comfort and evaporation, which is better for pet’s skin.
  • Bed is low to the ground, so it’s easy to step in or out of – helpful for dogs with orthopedic problems or mobility challenges.

Please note: If you need to return the SleePee Time Bed, call for a Return Authorization Number. The bed cannot be used prior to return and must be received in new condition.


Size Weight Dimensions
Medium For dogs up to 25 pounds 21 x 27″ / 53.3 x 68.6 cm
Large For dogs up to the size of a lab or golden retriever 27″ x 39″ / 68.6 x 99.1 cm


SleePee Time Bed pet photos, sent in by happy customers!

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SleePee Time Bed Brings Household Happiness

Earlier this year, I ordered a SleePee Time Bed for my dog, Bailey. I want you to know we are extremely pleased with the product. It has had a very positive effect on our household. By the way, Bailey will celebrate her tenth birthday on Monday! Thanks again, and happy holidays!

-Paul Ryan
Denver, Colorado

Bailey in Sleepee Time Bed Bailey Bailey in Sleepee Time Bed


World of Difference with SleePee Time Bed

Thank you so much for your prompt sending of the SleePee Time Bed. This has made a world of difference in my kitchen. Bande no longer sleeps in her urine. She enjoys this bed very much. My other dog seems to recognize this is her bed and does not bother it at all. Thanks again!

-Gaynell D.

Jessie in SleePee Time Bed Jessie

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