Why the Sitgo Sit-Down Wheelchair from Best Friend Mobility doesn’t work.

The purpose of the dog wheelchair is to help the dog get exercise. At Walkin’ Pets we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our wheelchair never collapses on the dog. This is for the health and safety of the dog.

Sitgo reviews are mostly fake

Sitgo reviews are mostly fake

We did thoroughly investigate the possibilities of creating a sit-down chair but have not yet found a way to make it safe.
We are aware that another company has created what they call a sit-down chair. The reviews on this chair on amazon are pretty bad, and the good reviews are mostly fake, according to Fakespot (a company that analyzes Amazon reviews.)  See the ranking here.


You can see the SitGo here

For a great alternative, check out our Walkin’ Scooter. It will allow your pet to race around the house in safety and comfort.

Walkin' Scooter gives your pet mobility

Walkin’ Scooter gives your pet mobility