dog wheelchair customer review

I am happy to tell you that our fourteen-and-a-half  year old Shayna continues to enjoy her wheels. She can still manage short walks without them when she needs to relieve herself, but we always use her wheels for longer walks. Yesterday she was able to go on a walk that was almost as long as the walks she went on before the summer. She really seemed to forget that her wheels were on her.

However, at home she seems to be aware that her wheels are helping her. This morning when we woke up, we found her sleeping, curled up around her wheels.
The other amazing thing is that her whole countenance has improved, even when we are not out walking. She is happier and more alert all day. She wags her tail again and often, and she spends more time in the living room with the family now, rather than sleeping alone in the bedroom. She is truly a happier dog, and brings joy to the whole family.

She is also becoming a neighborhood fixture. A man stopped my husband when he was walking Shayna without the wheels. He asked if this is the same dog that walks with a carriage. He told my husband that he had seen her with me, and that everyone is rooting for her. That was so sweet.

Anyway, thanks so much. When we get a more recent video of her, I will try to send it. Usually I walk her alone with the wheels and I don’t have the camera with me.

June Phillips