I have an 8 yr. old dachshund that is the joy of my life. I adore her. Her back legs no longer work…and she was NEVER one for exercise!

Her kneecaps are on the outsides of her legs and she has a lot of arthritis in her leg joints. For me to carry her is not really a problem, but I know she has had a lot of difficulty going to the bathroom.My sister, Cheryl,world’s best puppy aunt, or Iwould hold her up, but I know it was not easy for any of us. I decided to see about a ‘set of wheels’ for her. Well, when I saw the cost I figured I did not have a chance, but then I found your website! THANK YOU !

I looked at what others did, saw what I could and could not do. I am a rather creative middle aged woman and figured out some alternatives. It took a couple of tries, but I think we have one that is going to work.

homemade do it yourself dog wheelchair

May have to ‘tweak it’ a bit as time goes on.

I am sending some photos. It is made out of plastic pipe and joints.

I glued the back ones and duck taped the front ones so I can get the bands off. The red bands holding her up are some skier headbands I got at an outlet for about $1.50 each. The whole thing was about $15.00 to build. Thank you again for your sites and contributor’s ideas!