It is our intention that every Walkin’ Wheels user be happy with their wheelchair. If you experience problems, please call us we are happy to help. Often by making simple adjustment will make your dog more comfortable and ready to enjoy their wheelchair. If you feel the wheelchair is not for you, we can issue a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. Please note that wheelchairs returned without a return authorization number will not receive credit.

Download and print the Return Authorization Forms:

Return Form PDF (Mini wheelchairs)
Return Form PDF (Small, medium, and large wheelchairs)

If necessary, you can get Adobe
Acrobat Reader free here:
Acrobat Reader

RETURNED WITHIN 30 DAYS: If you try the wheelchair and it does not work for your pet because of the design or fit, call us within 30 days from the day the wheelchair is delivered to you. If we can’t correct it, we will issue you a return materials authorization and refund you up to 80% of the wheelchair’s cost (less shipping). If refurbishing is needed due to scratches or wear, this will reduce your refund.

RETURNED UNOPENED WITHIN 30 DAYS: If you return the wheelchair to us, unopened, with a Return Materials Authorization we will refund 95% of the cost of the entire wheelchair, less shipping charges.

REFUSED DELIVERY: Please do not refuse delivery as we do get charged for this. If you refuse delivery, you will be refunded 90%, plus the shipping charges for the return of your product.

How to Re-Pack the Walkin’ Wheels Box

Please click here for Medium and Large wheelchairs or click here for Small wheelchairs to view the Suitcase Box Assembly Instructions in order to get the best refund possible and to protect the wheelchair from shipping damage.

All Wheelchair Returns Must Be Shipped To:
Walkin’ Pets by
105 Route 101a, Suite 18
Amherst, NH 03031

Our Restocking Fee

Sometimes, when an animal caretaker buys a dog wheelchair, it simply doesn ‘t work. There are several possible reasons for this. Some can be helped, and some cannot.

Our Wheelchair Experts are here to help you. Often, by looking at photos, watching videos, and drawing on our experience with thousands of dogs, we can help you figure out how to get it to work. This is why we need you to call us before returning it. Often, after a brief phone call, your dog will be running and playing again.

Other times, though, there is nothing we can do. Whether it is due to the dog’s specific condition or temperament, or the wheelchair design, if the product will not work for your dog, we allow you to return it.

The restocking charge covers some of our costs associated with making the product ready to be used on another dog. Like any business, we either must cover our costs with a restocking charge or by increasing the price of the product — which wouldn’t be fair.

Sometimes we’re asked why we charge a restocking charge when the product is returned in "new” condition. If the box has been opened, we have a responsibility to send it through our complete inspection and repackaging process so that we know it will be safe, spotless, and hygienic for the next dog that uses it. Obviously, if you received your products with someone else’s dog hair on it, you would not be pleased. If there is any cleaning needed or if there are any scratches we need to repair or replace items, in which case we deduct these costs from your refund. We take photographs of each wheelchair when it is received so if you have questions about a charge, we are happy to provide you the photos showing why they were applied.

Walkin’ Pets has the highest level of customer satisfaction and the best return policy in the industry. In addition, we make every effort to ensure that our return policy is understood by every customer at time of purchase. Additionally, the wheelchair return policy is also enclosed in the "Important Documents” sleeve on the outside of the shipping box, please read this Before opening package.

Our mission is to help your dog walk, and we will do whatever we can to accomplish that.

Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair Warranty

5 YEAR WHEELCHAIR WARRANTY. The wheelchair frame is warrantied for five years against defects in workmanship (with the exception of normal wear and tear of the harness and wheels). If something breaks, please let us know and we will repair or replace the wheelchair (at our option). You are responsible for all shipping charges. Warranty is non-transferable. 3-month warranty on wheels, tires and soft goods.

SureFit Guarantee

Nothing is more important than your pet’s health and comfort. So, we’ve taken our 20 years of experience to design our SureFit Calculator to help your pet get the perfect fit wheelchair every time. When you place your Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair order through the SureFIt Calculator, we guarantee the perfect size, or we’ll pay your return shipping costs if an exchange is needed.

Continental US Ground Shipping for exchanges of equal or greater value only.

DISPUTES: Chargebacks from the Credit Card Company.

A Chargeback is when you contact your credit card company or payment processor and dispute a charge we have made to your card. Chargebacks are expensive for us to research and process and ALWAYS UNNECESSARY. At Walkin’ Pets, we will ALWAYS work with you to resolve any issue.

You agree, as part of these terms and conditions, that in the event you wish to file a dispute:

  1. To contact us and allow us to resolve the issue. If representatives are unavailable, you agree to leave a message referring to a "disputed charge” or email us here with ‘Disputed Charge’ in the subject.
  2. To give us up to 2 working days to return your call or message, although typically we will respond immediately. If you are not available, we will leave a message or email you.
  3. To give us up to 3 working days after we have spoken with you and you have explained the dispute to us and provided any documentation we need to validate your dispute.

You further agree that if you file a dispute with your credit card company or payment processor before completing this process, you will pay 25% of the purchase price of the product, including shipping, to cover the time and resources we need to process your claim with the credit card company and that you will pay the fee regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

If, after speaking with you, we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction and you do institute a chargeback, you agree to pay the 25% processing fee if the credit card company does not rule in your favor.