We want to make sure your shopping experience is excellent and are glad to give full credit (less shipping cost) for products returned that are in like new, resell-able condition, with the exception of the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair which has some special conditions described on the “Walkin’ Wheels Warranty Return Policy” page. We will offer you a full refund under these conditions:

Download and print our Return/Refund Policy

Full Refund Like New To Qualify for a Full Refund, try garments on your pet over a tee shirt. Try boots on over a sock. Products that qualify for a full refund are ones that were tried on once, over a sock or tee shirt, didn’t fit, were repackaged and returned in 30 days.

  • There is no hair, fur, dirt, soil, or smell on the product.
  • The product is in its original packaging, folded as delivered. If you carefully removed staples to open the package, DO NOT re-staple it. We will take care of that.

Partial Refund – Cleanable. The product was tried on once, but a tee shirt or sock was not used and there are a few hairs on it. If we feel that we can restore the product to “new” by cleaning it, you will be charged a 20-50% restocking charge depending on the amount of cleaning & repacking necessary.

Partial Refund – Discountable. The product was tried on once and was slightly soiled or scratched. It is still in good condition, but is no longer new. If your return cannot be brought to ‘new condition’ we will offer you a refund and re-sell the product as used at a discount. The refund is usually between 25% and 75%.

No Refund – Open packages of diapers and any items that have been soiled are not returnable. The SleePee Time Bed cannot be used prior to return and must be received in new condition in order to get a refund. 

These items must be returned directly to the manufacturer: Heavy Duty Harness, Vehicle Travel Hammock, Travel Ramp, Expanding Pet Steps, Hold a Dog Harness, Canine Icers, and Stuffed Animals. If these items are accidentally returned to us, you will be charged shipping to the manufacturer or back to you.

Your Options – If you send a product back to us, you may specify that the product be returned to you if a refund is not available. You will be asked to pay shipping. If you decide to refuse the package, we will need to charge you for the return shipping.

REFUSED DELIVERY: Please do not refuse delivery as we do get charged for this. If you refuse delivery, you will be charged a 10% restocking fee, plus the shipping charges for the return of your product.

DISPUTES: Chargebacks from the Credit Card Company.

A Chargeback is when you contact your credit card company or payment processor and dispute a charge we have made to your card. Chargebacks are expensive for us to research and process and ALWAYS UNNECESSARY. At Walkin’ Pets, we will ALWAYS work with you to resolve any issue.

You agree, as part of these terms and conditions, that in the event you wish to file a dispute:

1) to contact us and allow us to resolve the issue. If representatives are unavailable, you agree to leave a message referring to a “Disputed Charge” or email messages@handicappedpets.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with ‘Disputed Charge’ in the subject.

2) to give us up to 2 working days to return your call or message, although typically we will respond immediately. If you are not available we will leave a message or email you.

3) To give us up to 3 working days after we have spoken with you and you have explained the dispute to us, and provided any documentation we need to validate your dispute.

You further agree that if you file a dispute with your credit card company or payment processor before completing this process, you will pay 25% of the purchase price of the product, including shipping, to cover the time and resources we need to process your claim with the credit card company and that you will pay the fee regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

If, after speaking with you, we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction and you do institute a charge-back, you agree to pay the 25% processing fee if the credit card company does not rule in your favor.