Merlin Wheelchair

AMHERST, NH (February 19, 2019) – Walkin’ Pets specializes in creating mobility devices for all disabled and injured animals. During a recent visit the Goats of Anarchy sanctuary in New Jersey to gift some their goats with the tools they need to be active and happy. Not to mention the first ever Duck Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for one truly lucky duck!

Merlin the duck was left mobility challenged due to a leg deformity. The staff at Walkin’ Pets by saw Merlin’s story and were inspired to help. Working together to create the first ever Walkin’ Wheels Duck Wheelchair, a custom-built cart to help him get Merlin the exercise he needs. Excited to see Merlin’s first steps, the Walkin’ Pets team made the trip from New Hampshire to New Jersey to deliver his new wheelchair. And we’re happy to say, Merlin took to his brand new Walkin’ Wheels like a duck to water! Walkin’ Pets will continue to partner with Goats of Anarchy to develop the perfect wheelchair for Merlin and for future ducks alike.

Watch the video below to see Merlin’s first steps:


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